Fear the Walking Dead season 3: Alycia Debnam-Carey’s crossover dream

Alycia Debnam-CareyCould Alycia Debnam-Carey of Fear the Walking Dead ever cross over with The Walking Dead proper? At the moment, it’s just a dream. These two shows are still set on opposite extremes of each other, and for now, it’s hard to imagine how you could get from the US – Mexico border all the way over to the East Coast. It’s not exactly as though there are easy ways to transport yourself to different sides of North America.

Yet this is still something that you can still speculate about; as a matter of fact, Debnam-Carey is doing that very thing! Speaking in a new Build Series Q&A session recently (see below), the actress explains what her personal favorite crossover idea for her character of Alicia would be:

“I’ve always said Maggie would be a good one [to work with in the crossover] just because I think that’s a good duo. I think I’d really like to see that girl power. Yeah, so, I think that would be my crossover dream.”

Given that Alicia is starting to find a little more of her voice at Broke Jaw Ranch and get accustomed to life in this world, we’re starting to think that they could actually have quite a bit more in common than they used to. We just don’t think the odds are that great of it happening … at least right now.

Could that change down the road? Well, we do wonder what would happen in the event that one of the two show ends. Could someone eventually come over to the other one then? We almost compare it to Criminal Minds and Daniel Henney. He was previously a part of Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, but crossed over to the original show after his own was canceled. There are many more issues at play here, though, which is why we just don’t see it in the near future unless there’s some sort of story movement in that direction.

With that being said, there are a few different Fear the Walking Dead characters who would be fun on the flagship show. Alicia and Maggie would be a fun duo, as would Madison and Rick and Strand with .. well, almost anyone. We’re still going to consider this a possibility.

For now, there are still some more episodes to go this season, and we’re going to have reviews for them at CarterMatt every week until the show winds down. We already know that there is a Fear the Walking Dead season 4 on the horizon, so provided Alicia survives we’ll get a chance to see more of her then. (As with any season of the show, the next few weeks are going to test her.)

What do you think the dream crossover would be?

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