Big Brother 19 episode 37 review: Kevin Schlehuber’s eviction; jury house update

Kevin Schlehuber's evictionTonight’s Big Brother 19 episode 37 was mostly just about waiting out the inevitable. Kevin Schlehuber’s eviction was one you could see coming. He’s been the target of Christmas, Paul, and Josh at the final four for weeks, and everything in their plan has been successful through and through. They’ve gotten rid of everyone they want when they want, and you saw the same exact thing happen with him. Paul won Head of Household, Paul won the Power of Veto, and there wasn’t really any drama her at all.

The only drama came in the form of poor Kevin being completely in the dark about everything going on around him. It’s a shame because we certainly like the guy, but at the same time we cannot even act like he’s got his head in the game. We get it that Paul did win over his loyalty over the season, but to trust one person and not make connections elsewhere is bad on his part. The only thing that does continue to surprise us is that, even when he tried to win competitions, Kevin still isn’t good at them. He was so far behind in the Veto, and it ultimately was not even close. Once he lost tonight’s you could’ve easily fast-forwarded to the very end and not really missed anything of substance.

The Veto Ceremony was live tonight, which meant that we effectively got to see another one of Kevin’s fancy suits. We do like that the guy was prepared to leave in style! Christmas cast a vote to evict him, and he left in a really classy way. Sure, we do wish that he was a little bit more upset about what happened or that Paul was playing him (per Josh’s goodbye message), but that doesn’t really matter. The thing that we do wonder is if some of these people are going to resent Paul for him not being real with them over what happened and still acting like he was completely in the dark.

The real highlight of the episode tonight came via Jury House, mostly in the form of Jason realizing that Alex had nothing to do with voting him out of the game. He thought that she had betrayed him, and spent a little while stewing over it before Raven clued him in. Also, delusional Raven is incredibly entertaining on an ironic level since she had utterly no clue as to what was actually going on in the game. Mark completely calling her out on it may be enough to make us want to vote for Mark for America’s Favorite Player.

Also, if any of these people are bitter with Paul, who has effectively played them all like a fiddle brilliantly, they’re ridiculous. Why would you want to vote for a Paul minion who just did everything that he told them to? What’s the purpose in that?

Also, breaking news: Cody smiled.

What did you think about tonight’s Big Brother episode, and Kevin Schlehuber’s eviction? Be sure to share in the comments below! (Photo: CBS.)

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