Zoo season 3 episode 13 (finale) spoilers: Saving the world … or trying to

Zoo season 3 episode 12Zoo season 3 episode 13 airing on CBS next week is the big summer finale! Not only that, but Cartermatt is sad to speculate that it could be the final one of the series (not for sure, but it could be). While we wish that this show could go on e forever since it’s easily one of our favorite summer shows, the ratings have not been great, but at the same time it does have a rich Netflix deal, an exciting story, and a diehard contingent of fans.

This season has been full of epic twists, and we have a feeling that the finale is going to be no exception when you consider just what’s at stake here: Trying to find a way in order to ensure that the hybrids are stopped once and for all. There are so many more of them than there are members within our beloved Zoo Crew, and with that, this is an underdog story if there ever is one. Who doesn’t love to root for the underdogs!? This finale is going to be all about protecting the barrier to the safe part of the country, which is why “The Barrier” is the title for this episode.

Below, you can see via the fine folks at CBS some more details in terms of what is coming up.

Zoo season 3 episode 13 synopsis – “The team races to stop the hybrids from breaching the barrier wall by shutting down the last beacon that draws them in.”

What we know entering the Zoo season 3 finale is that Jackson is in a much more desperate situation than ever before. He has more to lose from virtually every standpoint. Remember for a moment here that Sam is actually his son Connor, and he’s going to be preoccupied on trying to save him. Yet, at the same time there’s also the hybrid problem, and Abigail is presumably still out there. While it appears as though the world is ending, you do want to have some sort of hope for the future. There’s a small chance that the world can be saved and it’s because the Zoo Crew is still alive and fighting, but victory is not going to come easy and the stakes are higher than ever before.

Is it possible that we get a cliffhanger at the end of the finale? You do have to consider that a possibility, but if the show gets canceled and they end on a cliffhanger, CBS better expect an army fans arms with angry hybrids at their door.

What do you want to see on Zoo season 3 episode 13, and are you concerned that the finale is going to be the last episode of the series? Be sure to sound off now in the comments! Also, be sure to head over to the link here in the event you want to read tonight’s episode of the show. (Photo: CBS.)


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