Law & Order: SVU season 19 premiere wishlist: A complicated case and more

Law & Order: SVU season 19 premierebeen waiting for the Law & Order: SVU season 19 premiere for a rather long time, but we’ve got a pretty good feeling it will prove to be worthwhile! This is an episode that has enormous expectations given some of the information that is out there. After all, “Gone Fishin'” features a case that will send Fin (Ice-T) down to Cuba, just as it’s also going to be interesting from a character point of view. Dean Winters is back as Cassidy, and Fin’s actions could cause Barba to have to navigate a legal minefield

So what do we want to see over the Law & Order: SVU season 19 premiere? Hopefully this latest chapter in our CarterMatt Premiere Wishlist Series gives you a good sense.

1. A great Ice-T performance – It’s not often that we get a Fin episode right out of the gate, and we hope new showrunner Michael Chernuchin takes advantage. We want to really dive into what motivates Fin, how he copes with the potential consequences of his actions, and also a little bit of introspection. What does Fin think about where he’s at right now in his life?

2. An opportunity for a Noah update – He’s getting older, so what is the state of the relationship between him and his mother Benson? The more personal Benson updates, the happier we are — though we would also like to see plenty of her on the job.

3. Carisi and Rollins’ perspective – In “Gone Fishin’,” you’re going to see Fin specifically travel to Cuba to bring back a rapist; however, his desperation for justice could have legal ramifications. Were these two for him doing this, and what do they think about what’s going to happen with this case?

4. Barba finding a way to untangle the situation – Every week that Raul Esparza is on the show, he’s faced with the challenge of trying to unite a complicated series of knots. Since we’re talking about international law at the moment, we expect and hope that things are going to be all the more complicated than ever. We want Barba to struggle with this, but to also find a way to break through in the end.

5. Why is Dean Winters back now? – We know that Cassidy will be around for at least two episodes this season, so hopefully the show makes it clear right away what some of his intentions are … and the intentions of the writers no less. While we know that SVU is a procedural, we do still hope that they find a way to pay off stories and make them matter. Sprinkle in a few rewards to longtime fans who watch the show every week. That will make the end result of the story all the more worthwhile.

What are your personal hopes for the Law & Order: SVU season 19 premiere? Share in the comments, and we’ve actually got more news for you over here about a notable NBA player who will be making an appearance on an upcoming episode. (Photo: NBC.)

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