South Park tricks Amazon Echo’s Alexa, Ellen’s Disney World robot, AGT & Big Brother tears

Amazon Echo

The fans of South Park were on their toes Wednesday night. Frankly, it sounds like many viewers were punked. The Comedy Central show had Amazon Echo and Google Home equipment going off during the show. While the episode was playing on TV, the machines apparently went off when Eric Cartman would ask Alexa to do a task.

As you might expect, the fans were surprised at first, but some viewers ended up unplugging their Amazon Echo so it would stop. While this harmless prank won’t be killing anyone, it does prove that our lives are so automated that even a TV show can impact our technology. It also reveals Eric Cartman hasn’t changed his ways one bit!

Also, you could say the same thing with Trey Parker and Matt Stone! They had to know this was going to happen.

As for some other TV headlines…

Ellen would like her Disney World Robot back

If you see Ellen DeGeneres as a robot, the popular talk show host would like you to give her a call. As weird as that sounds, it’s 100% true. At Epcot, one of the Disney World Resort theme parks, there are some changes going on including removing an Ellen robot.

One of the attractions, Ellen’s Energy Adventure, starring Ellen DeGeneres and Bill Nye has been removed for a new attraction. While most fans aren’t surprised at the decision at Epcot, the shocker is that Ellen DeGeneres would like her robot back. Perhaps to host her show in the future or maybe she could put it in the holding area for people to see.

Seen by millions of people who have visited the Orlando theme park, the Disney World robot isn’t exactly spot on. It looks sort of like Ellen, but not really. She is battling a dinosaur, so it’s definitely cool, but you need to use a lot of imagination to think it really looks like the host.

Take a look at the video clip. Ellen is so funny about finding the robot, she has included a phone number for people to call.

AGT tears: Why America’s choices are spot on

In my Wednesday column, I predicted there would be tears on America’s Got Talent. Once again the choices of who might move forward in the competition were tough. Even those acts that made it through at the judge’s discretion weren’t easy decisions. There were a lot of tears of joy on Wednesday night and viewers were happy to witness the moment.

The tears on this show won’t be stopping anytime soon on America’s Got Talent. There is no doubt next week will be even more emotional. Viewers are closer than ever to crowning a winner and there are so many good acts.

Tears on Big Brother too: Crying on Wednesday night was cool

If you weren’t watching America’s Got Talent and saw people crying, you probably were checking out Big Brother. Flipping the channels back and forth, I just could believe it was a teary experience on this reality show too.

The game has gotten very personal at this point with tough choices being made. On the show Josh cried (no surprise there), Paul cried and then Alex. The only one who deserved to be in tears was Alex for being blindsided in the game. Apparently the house guests are either close to breaking or eating too many onions raw. Honestly, most fans still don’t understand all the waterworks and frankly, neither do I. (Photo: Comedy Central.)

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