Sean Spicer talks Melissa McCarthy – Saturday Night Live impression on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Sean SpicerWho would’ve imagined that an interview with a former White House Press Secretary would draw so much headlines? Typically, these people are nothing more than a talking head … and then Sean Spicer comes around. He fought with the press, he had to defend Donald Trump’s inauguration crowd size even though it was obviously smaller than Barack Obama’s, and he also got ruthlessly mocked by Melissa McCarthy on Saturday Night Live.

Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live! was the first primetime interview with Spicer since he stepped down from the Press Secretary position, and this role was a surprisingly congenial interview between the two party. Spicer took the jokes at his expense fairly well, and he came across a little better than we thought he would going in. Does that mean we agree with his politics? Not exactly, but we appreciate some of his candor as he begrudgingly talked about having to go in front of the press right away and defend the inauguration crowd — something that he obviously didn’t want to do. He talked about what the role of Press Secretary is, and that is to reinforce the agenda even though he didn’t always agree with it.

Another funny part of the interview came, of course, during the discussion of McCarthy, given that she recently won an Emmy in part for playing him. A big part of what makes this funny is that Spicer was ridiculed, Trump got mad at him apparently for the impression getting so much attention, and then Melissa was rewarded for it. Now, he’s out of a job, though he did admit in the interview that the impression was “funny” and got a good laugh out of seeing him alongside Kimmel.

Can we still criticize Spicer for a ton of stuff? Absolutely, and he does dodge a few questions in this interview in a blatantly obvious and irritating way. Nonetheless, sometimes you just have to take the little victories when discussing interviews with someone previously involved with the Trump Administration. Spicer probably comes off better in this interview than the vast majority of them have elsewhere; not only that, but he also had the guts in the first place to go on a liberal-leaning late-night comedy show not knowing what Jimmy was going to throw at him. Kimmel was tough at times, but he also didn’t go as hard as a Stephen Colbert or a Trevor Noah probably would have. (He was also tougher than pets-Trump-on-the-head Jimmy Fallon.)

Is this the last of Sean Spicer we at CarterMatt are going to see on TV? Probably not, since we very much expect him to make his presence felt at some point on either some other news program or even entertainment, if Spicer wants to go that route. We do still think he could be bound for Dancing with the Stars at some point in the future, even if it is not this year.

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