NCIS season 15 episode 2 photo: Mark Harmon’s Gibbs is back on the job!

NCIS season 15 episode 2 photoWe’ve got a new NCIS season 15 episode 2 photo for you today courtesy of CBS, and one thing will feel pretty clear right from the jump: Mark Harmon’s Gibbs is back to work!

This image above showcases Gibbs alongside McGee (Sean Murray), and even though we can see that they are back in their NCIS gear, these are two men that are somewhat changed from what they went through while in Paraguay. Sure, their facial hair (save for McGee’s goatee) is now gone, but going back to work is not going to be anywhere near as easy as the two may have thought it would be, all things considered. This could be in turn why we are going to end up seeing a returning face to the franchise in order to help assist them getting back into working order. This show covers military matters closely, and the writers have already shown that PTSD is no joke. We know that because of the procedural nature of the story, sometimes it can be challenging to show a slow progression; let’s just hope that they find a way to do it here.

For Gibbs and McGee as characters specifically, CarterMatt does think that the PTSD could be a little more severe than it would be in other cases for a number of different reasons. For Gibbs, he is someone who is very used to a routine and a specific manner of doing things. We have to figure that for him, dealing with some of the torment in South America was a major shock to his system. In turn, it could take a little bit of time for him to be able to shake some of that off and look towards the remainder of his life. For McGee, he has to deal with some of the frustrations that stem from being away from his pregnant wife Delilah. While he is making it back in time to see her give birth, we do imagine that there are still some challenges that are going to come along with this.

In looking beyond this NCIS season 15 episode 2 photo, be prepared for some stories throughout the early part of the season that put the team to the test. The biggest bit of irony here is probably just that once Gibbs finally starts to find a little bit of normalcy here with the team, some other curveball is going to enter the mix: The arrival of Maria Bello as Jackie Sloane, a woman more than capable of taking Gibbs on.

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Meanwhile, rest assured that you can gather up some additional news regarding the series and Harmon’s life story by heading over to the link here right now. That’s where you can see in particular a powerful story that he told while making a recent appearance on The Talk. (Photo: CBS.)

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