Suits season 7 episode 10 (summer finale) review: Donna and Harvey’s moment

Suits season 7 summer finaleTonight’s Suits season 7 episode 10 marks the summer finale, and there were many different stories worth noting. At the top of everything, though, we have the questions related to Donna. This episode is entitled “Donna,” and with her set to stand trial, we saw Harvey Spencer in a position that we didn’t see often coming: Nervous. Malik had an axe to grind ever since the Clifford Danner case so many years ago, and he took out all of his rage in the courtroom.

Let’s just say that, in the opening minutes, Malik delivered a hammer on Pearson Specter Litt in a big way. He knew about Donna destroying evidence, and that was his ace in the whole. He was able to craft a narrative that Donna destroying evidence, got fake-fired, and slept her way to being a COO — which wasn’t true, but it doesn’t matter to the jury. The assertion infuriated Donna, who in turn was infuriated at Louis who wasn’t prepared for the question. In turn, Louis was furious at his therapist for implying that he was acting out because of Sheila.

By the midway point of the episode, everyone was out for revenge. This brought Donna to Holly, one of the people responsible for getting Malik what he needed in the first place. He has something on her, which is why she can’t help Donna now. Luckily, there was still another way! He found it, but in turn, there was another hardship: Andy got Jessica disbarred. Jessica turned up, and from there made it clear that the time was right to remove her name from the wall. Pearson Specter Litt was now just Specter Litt. Goodbye Pearson.

The story of “Donna” effectively became about two separate things for Sarah Rafferty’s character: The case, and whether or not she should admit the truth to Harvey about her feelings. Mike encouraged Donna to go through with it. Yet, it was Louis who actually did. He was the one who made her realize, almost by accident that she needed to tell Harvey the truth. She did that in the form of a kiss in the closing minutes.

The story of Robert Zane

How often is it that we get to see flashbacks of a recurring character? We actually didn’t need these, given that we heard the story from Wendell Pierce in the present last week — he refused to put his neck out there for his sister, and doomed her to a life she ultimately did not want.

Now, Robert is so intent on revenge that he’s not thinking clearly. The defendant in this case became aware of his motive, and then used that to completely shut him down. Robert was played like a fiddle. They had to find a way to twist things around on the man they were after. They threw a Hail Mary, using Robert as a decoy while Rachel went to the rest of the board and got him removed as CEO. Victory was theirs! Hey, at least someone had a victory here.

Alex Williams in danger

Bratton Gould really isn’t letting this go, are they? In this episode, it was Gould who decided that he wanted to come after Alex and his most high-profile client. Louis tried to rescue him by getting his therapist to impersonate a pharma rep to help the case, but that didn’t happen.

In the end, Alex realized that he needed a workaround, and he got one just by appealing to Eli Gould’s ego: He pretended to grovel, and used that in order to get him to admit to enough wrongdoing that he would finally leave him and the rest of the firm alone.

Our overall CarterMatt verdict

“Donna” was an incredible episode of television, one that was moving, powerful, and full of some shock twists. Everything that took place over the entire series suddenly had a role to play, and the story built to a series of emotional peaks.

When will Suits season 7 episode 11 air?

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