Gotham season 4 premiere photos: Selina Kyle, Ivy, and Oswald’s new look

Gotham season 4 premiere photosReady to check out some of the first Gotham season 4 premiere photos? Fox has just unveiled some of the first shots from the episode airing a week from Thursday, and they feature the characters sporting some new looks and preparing to enter new phases of their lives.

Let’s start here at CarterMatt with the photo featuring Selina Kyle, given that we’re going to be seeing her evolution into Catwoman happen at more of a rapid pace this season. She’s learning to be more of a fly-on-the-wall at gatherings, and to blend in to any surrounding. The new photo above is some proof of that. Beyond that, we also know that she will receive some whip training thanks to Tabitha Galavan, who is going to do her best in order to prepare the character for whatever could come her way in battle. These are all just building blocks, but that is a big part of what Gotham is. The whole appeal of the show was that these characters didn’t just wake up one morning and decide to become these crazy comic-book characters. Something happened to get them from point A to point B, and this show has done a great job of taking us on that journey.

Below, you can also see two other photos, one of a glammed-up Poison Ivy (still learning to navigate her way through some of the city’s social circles while getting what she wants at the same time) and also Oswald Cobblepot, a man who has reinvented himself once again. He’s managed to survive several near-death experiences (should his new nickname be the Cockroach?), and he also has the famed Iceberg Lounge as his home base. If you know the world of the Batman Comics well, then odds are that you’re very much familiar with this particular locale. It’s a chance for the Penguin to have his own place to run his business, as opposed to having to look elsewhere to deal with the dirty work of some people who, to be frank, don’t often deserve his services. Getting the Iceberg Lounge in there is fun, and over time we imagine that this is only going to become all the more significant for the character.

Will these three characters cross paths during the premiere, or at some other point later in the season? You do have to think it’s possible, by and large due to the fact that they’ve all got some connective tissue. Ivy is the person responsible for nursing Oswald back to health; meanwhile, there’s also a history with Ivy and Selina that dates back to the show’s first season.

What do you think about some of these Gotham season 4 premiere photos, and is there anything that you’re especially excited to see on the upcoming season? Share in the Cartermatt comments section below.

For some additional insight…

We actually did write a full piece recently on Ivy, and you can check that content out now by heading over to the link here. (Photo: Fox.)

Gotham season 4 premiere photos

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