When will the Big Brother 19 live feeds return after eviction show?

When will the Big Brother 19 live feeds returnFor everyone out there wondering when will the Big Brother 19 live feeds return, CarterMatt comes bearing an answer!

Tonight, CBS is going to do what it often does in situations where there is something secret that they are keeping for the live shows: They are not giving you new content until you roll around to after the episode has aired for West Coast viewers. (Sorry, folks in Alaska and Hawaii.) At 9:00 p.m. Pacific time tonight (also known as Big Brother Time around these parts), the feeds are going to officially return.

What will you see at that point? For sure we’ll know who won Head of Household (be sure to come back to CarterMatt to find out more on that), and there’s a chance that we may also learn who has the Power of Veto. The Veto Ceremony itself is often saved for the final four eviction show on Thursday night, which can give it a little more juice and excitement.

For the record, we do know there are some rumors out there about who the new HoH is and all that, but we prefer to wait until we have CBS confirmation on that subject. Also, it doesn’t even really matter given that the Veto winner is the only person with any true power for the week. Whoever wins that power is going to be able to make the decision as to who to evict, unless of course the HoH manages to win it. In the event that this happens, they will effectively choose who gets a chance to cast the deciding vote. Unless Kevin manages to win one of these two final competitions, there’s a an almost certainty that he leaves the game on Thursday night to cheers and mass adoration. The only good thing that comes from that is he will have the prime spot in leaving the game when it comes to America’s Favorite Houseguest voting. There’s actually a pretty interesting race brewing there between Cody and Kevin — we feel like Cody/Jessica fans will mostly vote one direction, but Kevin’s got a huge support base and he will have recency bias on his side.

On Thursday night, we anticipate that there will be more activity on the feeds courtesy of the start of the final Head of Household. The first part of it tends to be endurance, and it’s often on the feeds. That’s the point where the alliance between Christmas, Josh, and Paul starts to really fall apart given that this is when the three of them are going to be in direct competition for the prize. Unless Paul wins the final HoH, we think that there is a very good chance that he goes home given that there’s no reason for either Josh or Christmas to want to take him to the end. That’s just the position that Paul has set himself up for most of the game.

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