Supergirl season 3: Chad Lowe guest-starring as Thomas Coville

Thomas CovilleThomas Coville is coming to Supergirl season 3, and with that, we’ll see that the title character’s heroics have inspired religion.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Emmy-winning actor Chad Lowe (who recently appeared on Pretty Little Liars and is known for Life Goes On, Melrose Place, and more) is going to be appearing in one episode as the aforementioned character. Thomas Coville isn’t a villain, though as many big-name guest stars are. He actually leads a cult who believes that Supergirl is a form of deity, which makes some sense since she is an alien from outer space who is sent to Earth in order to make it a better place. Given that she has superhuman strength and a wide range of other abilities, why wouldn’t she be treated as a god-like figure by some?

While Coville may be deeply spiritual and even have the best of intentions, the question that CarterMatt has is this: What happens if this turns dangerous? Isn’t there such a thing as being too obsessive to the point where it ends up causing harm to people? This is a subject that the show is going to need to breach over the course of this episode, since it’s easy to imagine that either this character or his followers could try to step in to “help” in the event that they believe that Supergirl is in trouble. Sometimes, it is possible to do more harm than good when you are such a position, and Kara will have to convince them that she really is an ordinary person just like they are. It’ll make for some interesting storytelling and could also teach a message about those who choose to develop obsessions over others — sometimes, you tend to forget in the process that they are just people and have some of their own issues that you don’t know about.

What’s also notable is that Chad Lowe is going to be lending some of his talents to the show as a director, and he will be taking on that role for the seventh episode of the season. This is also a role that he’s taken on a number of times in the past for Pretty Little Liars, Life in Pieces, Bones, and many other shows. At this point, we’d say that he is almost as prolific a television director as he is an actor. Getting him to do both on this show is a nice coup and it gives Supergirl that much more credibility.

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