Big Brother 19: BB Comics covers; are there any All-Star candidates?

All-Star candidatesWhile we await Wednesday night’s new episode of Big Brother 19 and also the eviction (it’s probably going to be Alex), let’s talk BB Comics!

The BB Comics for this year are going to be featured over at Entertainment Weekly, and there are some good ones: Cody is going to be the Stare-Crow (appropriate given his abundance of awkward stares), we enjoy Mark as the Incredible Sulk even if it’s a direct rip-off of Big Meech from last year, and the one of Paul as the Potty Mouth is gold. The artists once again did an amazing job with the visuals, though some of the themes leave a little to be desired. For example, Cameron got one as the Super Fan (we would’ve went with him stripping for votes), Matt’s was mostly a commentary on him having silver hair (why no cereal jokes?), and Raven’s was by far the worst offender: Her Arkansassin played up her “Arkansassy” catch-phrase that caught on with virtually no one all season long. There are some better ideas that could’ve been used there, and we imagine these were presented more by production than conceptualized by the artists themselves. (We do still love that the show does these comics, since they’ve been a lot of fun every year.)

As for the other point of this CarterMatt article, it’s worth talking All-Stars now given that the feeds have been down for a day or so and we take on this subject around this time every year. With that being said, we don’t foresee production taking a ton of people from this show for an All-Stars season. Matt and Raven were complete duds, Alex and Christmas ended up being sheep to Paul, Jason had a big personality but wasn’t all that popular, and while Kevin was fun in the Diary Room and at the start of the season, he was pretty ineffective in the game … at least so far. We did get a little mileage out of Mark and Elena, but mostly because of each other.

In general, there are three people we see being asked back for another season if CBS wants to do one — not that we see it happening anytime soon.

Cody – He wasn’t actually good at the game, but he was such an underdog and a physical threat that he was compelling television when he was around. We do think that he’ll learn from some of his mistakes if he returns, at least in terms of him deciding to not go against his alliance week 1 without consulting with them.

Jessica – She made some mistakes, but if Cody wasn’t around or if he didn’t make some of his mistakes she’d probably do just fine. She’s smart, and coming back for the second time with the other players knowing that America likes her could make her all the more compelling.

Josh – While he had some terrible moments and was a completely jerk to some people, Cody and Jessica also had their moments. Nobody was a saint this season. We just get the sense that CBS really liked what Josh brought to the table in terms of drama and they’d want that again. now if they could just ask him to stop shouting in his diary room sessions we’d all be a lot happier.

Maybe Cameron could be brought back for a second chance season or Christmas could if they wanted to give her a do-over without her foot injury, but those feel like really slim possibilities.

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