American Horror Story: Cult episode 3 spoilers: The marked door

American Horror Story: Cult episode 3Entering American Horror Story: Cult episode 3 airing on FX on September 19, one thing already feels clear: Chaos is coming at almost every turn. This is a show that’s given you clowns, murderers, politics, baths, sex, and about a dozen or so other things over the course of just two episodes. Based on that alone, the bar is set pretty high for how episode 3 is going to be able to top it.

Ironically, we do think that one of the biggest things that Cult has going against it at the moment is IT being so successful. Basically, it’s a show about freaky clowns trying to get a share of the market against one of the biggest horror movies that we’ve ever seen. That remake became a global sensation in just one weekend, and Cult now has to up its game — even though we know that this show is about so much more than clowns. It’s about the fear that comes out of post-election America, where disdain for the other side burns so bright that it eventually burns everything. It’s about delusion, illusion, and confusion. Even the police are scared, and with doors being marked there are further mind-games being played.

Oh, and what also should up the ante going into American Horror Story: Cult episode 3 is that we’re coming off of one of the craziest moments of the season in seeing Ally seemingly kill Pedro. She thought that she was running away from the clowns that continue to haunt her, and when she made her move, she did so in a way that was certainly unexpected.

Basically, things have already gone to hell in a handbasket for some of these characters, and we’re only a small percentage into the season just yet. Is this a particularly scary iteration of the show? We’re not sure that we would say that at the moment. Yet, at the same time we would consider this one of the most entertaining versions of the show — it’s shocking, funny, and it is risky. We’ll always appreciate people taking a risk so much more than going the predictable, safe route. That ain’t happening here.

What do you want to see on American Horror Story: Cult episode 3, and do you have any hopes for the rest of the season beyond this? Be sure to share in the comments!

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