Is The Flash reborn? The latest The Flash season 4 promo suggests so…

Flash reborn

Is The Flash reborn? You would certainly think so judging from the latest (super-mysterious) new promo for the upcoming fourth season of The Flash on The CW.

This promo features many different surprises, but arguably the biggest one is the simple fact that Barry Allen is sporting a rather hefty beard when you see him in the video. Grant Gustin got to keep his hiatus beard! If nothing else, that is probably a victory for the actor not having to shave as early on into the summer.

Of course, beyond that you’ve got other questions: What does “The Flash Reborn” really mean? That is the premiere title, but it’s also a great question in terms of how this new iteration of Barry will be different. Is it the same Flash? We have to think so, given that it would be rather strange for the show to completely bring in a new Barry from another earth. Yet, this is a Barry who could’ve gone through some sort of extreme, terrible trauma in the Speed Force. Maybe the show is able to extract him at the end of the premiere, and with that could come some serious consequences.

Or, how about this for another crazy idea. What if everything that you’re seeing in this promo is actually from within the Speed Force, and the entire idea once more here is to completely freak you out? It’s something that we definitely don’t put it past the producers to do. There are so many different angles that they can take this, mostly because of just how many different iterations of characters that this show can create. You’ve got multiple earths, alternate realities, different timelines, and many other surprises along the way.

So what’s coming beyond this?

We know that the Big Bad at the end of the day is going to be The Thinker, who is played on the series by none other than The 100 actor Neil Sandilands. Meanwhile, we also know that you’re going to be seeing a wide array of other interesting characters, including such foes as The Mechanic and also heroes as Elongated Man. Caitlin Snow will also be back … but so will Killer Frost. That’s confusing, but that is also the point.

As both a writer for CarterMatt and also an avid viewer of the show, the big thing that we know is that we’re stoked beyond measure to check out season 4. It’s going to be a little lighter than season 3, but hopefully still have a lot of superhero action and high stakes. As we get closer to the premiere episode airing, we figure that The CW will start to release a little more details.

What do you think The Flash Reborn really means?

Do you dig this promo, even if it’s got so many more questions than answers! Share now in the comments below, and head over here if you’re so inclined to get some additional news on WestAllen. (Photo: The CW.)

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