Netflix subscription free on T-Mobile, Heidi Klum picks her AGT winner

Netflix subscriptionWith a collective sigh the viewers of Bachelor in Paradise said goodbye with the season finale. It’s been a turbulent road for this show this season. After an amazing high from the Bachelorette season, Rachel Lindsay had fans excited until the very end and there was a lot of expectation to carry on that romantic overtone. Was the season finale satisfying? Well, that depends on who you ask. Bachelor fans are still mulling over the possibilities of true love left behind and still have lingering questions for this season. Also, who saw that coming whith Robbie and Amanda!

T-Mobile’s Netflix Free TV commercial is driving me crazy

Last night, once again, I heard my phone ring. Well, technically it was my ringtone and it was playing on TV. If you are one of the millions who have the T-Mobile ringtone set on your phone to get calls, the new T-Mobile and Netflix TV commercial might be driving you crazy too.

The ad is brilliant. It sounds like the phone is ringing. Not even thinking, I pick up your phone next to the sofa, push the button and discover it’s not ringing. It’s a TV commercial introducing the opportunity to watch Netflix with a new plan (starts today). Then, if you are like me, you scream at the TV that the prank is not funny (it is, but only if it’s done to someone else.) Then 40 minutes later the phone (er, TV) is ringing once again. I grab the phone.  If you are wondering, yes, my response is the same every time. This happens a half dozen times a night….I swear the dog is secretly laughing at this hilarious prime time slapstick.

Beyond the crazy TV commercial response, this partnership is going to bring thousands of eyeballs to Netflix. Since some of the best TV programs are no longer found on traditional networks, this pushes Netflix free to new viewers. It’s a win-win. We need a phone to survive and free Netflix is part of a plan. Netflix is pushing their programs hard once again. Add quality programming and the company has figured out a way to keep everyone interested.  The offer starts on September 12.

Heidi Klum reveals her AGT winner picks

Heidi Klum stopped by The Ellen Show and she wasn’t mincing any words about the talent seen on America’s Got Talent. While many people are wondering who will win, Heidi believes the younger AGT contestants have a real shot at walking away as the winner this time around.

It’s not surprising to see contestants getting younger and younger for this show. Opening the doors to people of all ages, anybody can be part of the production. The acts have left after being voted out, leaving only the best left for America to see. As Heidi pointed out she might have her favorites, but it is America who makes the final decision and her vote doesn’t carried away in the end. Which leaves me wondering who will be the America’s Got Talent winner for 2017? And will viewers want to enjoy their act live after the competition is over? These questions will be answered soon.

Take a peek at Heidi’s predictions on The Ellen Show. You might be surprised who she believes will go all the way. (Photo: Netflix.)

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