See Abigail Spencer’s Megan Hunt in Grey’s Anatomy season 14 trailer

Abigail Spencer's Megan HuntAbigail Spencer’s Megan Hunt is undoubtedly one of the biggest reasons for intrigue entering Grey’s Anatomy season 14. After all, the Timeless star is an excellent addition to any show, and here she’s playing someone effectively at the center of most of the drama.

Want to get a larger look at Megan Hunt in action? Then you don’t have to look further than the new trailer below! While this also features footage from two of ABC’s other shows in How to Get Away with Murder coupled with Scandal, the Grey’s Anatomy footage is what has our hair standing on end.

The juiciest part of the trailer is the first real footage that we’ve seen of Spencer’s Megan here at CarterMatt, where she asks Riggs if he has met anyone “significant” since the two were last together. Of course, that question is spliced together with footage of Riggs and Meredith, a clear reminder that their relationship is not completely out of the picture. Look at things this way: Meredith may want to picture herself okay with letting Nathan go back to his former great love (she’d want to do the same if Derek was still alive), but we are all selfish people and therefore want to see things work out in a way that suits us. It doesn’t make Meredith a bad person at all that she still wants Riggs even if there’s someone else in the picture; what she just needs to do is to be honest with her feelings; if that happens, everything will end up being okay no matter what transpires … or at least as okay as things are going to be.

While we at CarterMatt obviously want to see the story with Meredith and Megan play out, let’s also not pretend that there are so many interesting Megan – Owen dynamics to explore. You don’t get a sense of it in this video, but we’re feeling pretty darn confident that there is going to be some good content coming up this season for Kevin McKidd. How could the writers not want to explore that relationship more? You do get a sense of some Alex content in here plus also potentially some Jackie/Maggie, though we know that this ‘ship isn’t exactly the most popular one out there in the fanbase right now.

New episodes of Grey’s Anatomy season 14 will start airing later this month with a two-hour premiere. It’s still not clear just how much of Abigail Spencer’s Megan Hunt you will see beyond that. Our feeling is that she’ll be a part of the first handful of episodes, and then we’ll get a chance to see what happens from there given the actress’ busy schedule.

What do you think about this new trailer?

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