Shadowhunters season 3: Behind the scenes with Harry Shum Jr., Emeraude Toubia

Harry Shum Jr.Excited for Shadowhunters season 3 in the new year? These photos of Harry Shum Jr. and Emeraude Toubia may help. These actors play Magnus and Izzy, and the behind-the-scenes shots from season 3 give you a look at what their look will be like at around the time of the premiere episode airing.

If you look at the images below (via the show’s official social-media channels), you will get a chance to see both of these actors showing off their style, and preparing for what is going to be a very cool handful of episodes coming up. What are they doing in these photos? They could be recording promos or some other sequence in front of a background screen; this could also be around the same time they take some of their new promotional photos for the season. Shadowhunters season 3 is a show that requires a lot of its performers, and it really goes beyond just reading scripts and getting to work as the characters. There is also a good part of it that revolves around finding unique ways to promote the show to a young, eager audience.

CarterMatt has always felt as though the biggest obstacle Shadowhunters faces is not getting people to watch the show; it’s finding a way to convince these viewers to do so when it’s actually airing. There are generations of people out there now who don’t understand that there was a time when you had to sit down and watch programming live without the aid of a DVR or anything else. The show still needs that live viewership; as great as it is to trend on Twitter and have people creating Tumblr pages and Facebook accounts for the characters, none of that matters if the show can’t be monetized. TV is a business, so Freeform has to figure out the right way to leverage their talented cast as a means to get more people watching.

If anything, we do at least think posting these photos so early is a way to get people engaged on the third season early. It’s a little bit too much in the future to be able to convince anyone to check out the show live, but you have to start the promotion somewhere. Magnus and Izzy are two of the most-popular characters, so reminding people of their presence coming up is smart. It’s an exciting jumping-off point to everything else that the series could be doing from here.

What do you want to see on Shadowhunters season 3 for so many of thee characters, and what do you think the stories for Harry Shum Jr. and Emeraude Toubia on season 3 are going to be? Share in the comments below!

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