Preacher season 3 premiere date speculation for Dominic Cooper, cast

Praecher season 3

When is the Preacher season 3 premiere date going to be? Following tonight’s finale, that question is at hand!

With that being said, there is something else that we really should note at the moment: Technically, the AMC show has not received a season 3 renewal yet, but all signs point towards that happening. The show’s production is already looking towards bringing the show back for another run, and even with the show getting some lower ratings, we at CarterMatt are beyond confident that you are going to get a chance to see more of the series coming up.

Now, let’s get back to some of that Preacher season 3 premiere date speculation we mentioned earlier in the article. So long as the filming schedule for the show remains the same, and we don’t foresee there being any reason that the show would want to change that up, all indications suggest that the third season is probably going to be premiering at some point earlier in the summer. This is the perfect summer show when you think about what it brings to the table in terms of content: It’s dramatic, action-packed, fast-paced, and above all plenty of fun. It’s one of the few shows that consistently injects violence in fun in a way that is a little bit twisted, but nonetheless entertaining every step of the way.

If there was one request we would make for Preacher season 3, it’s to find a way to make it feel a little less isolated and a part of a larger lineup. While AMC has programmed Monday nights for a little while now, we’re still not altogether sure that they have figured them out. There is more that they could be doing in order to raise awareness that these shows are airing on Monday, and convincing people to check the shows out live. You could promote cross-network, or find a way to convince some more fans online to check it out as opposed to waiting for Netflix. We can’t even begin to tell you how privileged we see some viewers online who constantly complain about having to sit through commercials anytime that they watch a show live. Oh, the horror! We still feel like there is something great about the community experience that comes out of watching a show live and seeing the action play out alongside over a million other people.

Oh, and in case you needed some more evidence that AMC is firmly invested in bringing Preacher back, just remember that they are still doing the occasional Talking Preacher aftershow. They wouldn’t be doing that with a show that they were on the fence on.

When do you want the Preacher season 3 premiere date to be?

Let us know some of your thoughts with a comment below right now! While you are also at it, you can tell us how many more seasons you’d like to see the show stay on the air over at AMC. (Photo: AMC.)

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