Lucifer season 3 promo: Is the Lucifer – Chloe confession happening?

Lucifer - ChloeIn the latest Lucifer season 3 promo released by Fox, there is a moment that for many fans has been years in the making: Lucifer telling Chloe that he is, in fact, the Devil. Her reaction? Well, let’s just say that it’s pretty hilarious and has to do with God — in turn, he has his own great reaction to that. The Lucifer – Chloe relationship is at the heart of the series, and CarterMatt wants to see that continue! Here’s to hoping that it does and it only gets stronger from here on out.

The truth is that we’ve been waiting for Lucifer to come clean about his true identity on the show for a little while, and this episode could serve as a great opportunity for him to finally do that. He can reveal the truth about precisely who he is, and then see where some of the chips fall after that or if Chloe is even all that keen to believe him. (We’re at least hoping that this confession is coming, and that the entire purpose of this promo isn’t some sort of enormous fake-out that makes us think that something big could be coming up.)

So what could be inspiring this Lucifer – Chloe moment in the first place? The way we see it at present here at CarterMatt, there are two very specific things that could be behind it.

1. What happened with Lucifer in the season 2 finale with his wings. He may be starting to have an identity crisis as he tries to figure out just who he is and what he wants to stand for. With that in mind, he may realize that he wants Chloe in his life in a more permanent way. The only way in which he’s going to be able to do that is establish some sort of a larger commitment to her.

2. The arrival of Tom Welling! You see a brief glimpse in the promo of the Smallville alum as Marcus Pierce, and we hope that this is a character who becomes a significant part of the story this year. We know that his relationship with Chloe could go in some interesting directions, and in turn, there could be jealousy here on Lucifer’s part. The more drama that the show can establish between these two characters, the better off we’re probably going to be in the end.

The new season will be premiering in under a month from now, and that may be the best news of all that we have to report — you don’t have to wait too much longer to get some additional drama featuring these characters!

What do you think about this new Lucifer season 3 promo?

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