Poldark season 4 debate: How could Whitworth’s mother impact the series?

Whitworth's motherBefore we dive too deep into discussing Wentworth’s mother in this CarterMatt feature, let’s kick things off here with a warning: There are spoilers ahead from Poldark season 3 in this piece! If you’re in America or are behind on the series, now may be the time to stop reading.

Still with us? Well, let’s engage in a conversation about one of the new characters joining the show for this new batch of episodes coming up.

We hate Reverend Osbourne Whitworth, though we have a hard time imagining that this is some sort of hot take or shocking opinion. The man is just a tool ten ways to Sunday. He’s abusive, perverted, and hides behind his religion in order to try and justify some of the despicable things that he does. He’s really a rather horrible person, and to make matters worse we don’t think he cares that he’s horrible. If one wife disappoints him, he can just find a way to make her “disappear” so he can marry a new one. Morwenna has survived his torment so far, but she has not been able to escape his shadow.

Now, let’s discuss things more through the lens of Whitworth’s mother. How could she impact the show? We would love to think that she could be a calming influence for Whitworth, and someone who could allow him to see another side … but we’re worried that this may not be possible. Remember that someone has to be responsible for him turning out to be such a terrible person, and more than likely that someone is her! Often people think these behaviors are okay as a result of their youth; understanding where this comes from is important, but with Lady Wentworth, we don’t expect her to serve as the catalyst who will be able to turn anything around. That is more than likely going to come from some of the other characters, especially if they are able to find a way in order to free Morwenna from this terrible, awful prison.

Lady Whitworth, superficially, exists more as a great beacon of understanding. We need to expand Osbourne’s world if we are to understand him. We certainly won’t sympathize with him, but understanding him is key to figuring out how he ended up like this.

The one good thing about Morwenna’s mother

She is being played by a fantastic performer in Rebecca Front from The Thick of It. No matter how she is as a human being, we definitely feel like she is going to be a strong, compelling presence and will bring a lot of great stuff to the table moving forward. (Note that we’re not basing this article off of any book spoilers or anything else — maybe our perception of Lady Whitworth is off, but part of the fun of this show is figuring out a way to predict and debate interesting subjects in the present.)

What do you want to see with Whitworth’s mother on Poldark season 4?

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