Big Brother 19 episode 35 review: Enter the Revengers (and Dan Gheesling!)

Big Brother 19 episode 35Is it an indictment of Big Brother 19 that the best few seconds of Sunday night’s episode 35 were the ones with Dan Gheesling on the screen? CarterMatt certainly thinks so. It’s too bad that none of Dan’s talent for the game could magically transfer to the TV into the minds of some of the houseguests.

Dan appeared as the villain The Funeral Director during the new BB Comics production of The Revengers, a fun mock superhero trailer that was created for the new Head of Household Competition. We do continue to wonder why the show continues to make certain houseguests like James and Frankie into a big deal (how many more times do we really need to shine bright like a Frankie?), but this was an inspired idea and a lot of fun to watch. We’ll take something like this over your standard HoH Comp or even watching some of the other players for longer than just a few seconds. Remember that these people do all have their fair share of pretty insufferable moments at this point.

In terms of gameplay, the most insufferable one of all is probably Josh because he’s so close to making the big move, and yet he’s also so far away. He’s the one who is aware that Paul needs to go, but he didn’t nominate him. He hasn’t wanted to take the shot even though he’s talked about taking the shot. Why not just bite the bullet at this point and try to make a big move? He’s run the risk of Paul and Christmas going after him next week if he survives, but there’s something to be said for trying to win now as opposed to settling for being second or third place down the line.

It’s a little harder to be angry with Christmas, Alex, or Kevin, given that they’re all somehow so delusional this point that they think that Paul actually is carrying with him some sort of intention to keep them save in the game. He has zero intention to do anything of the sort, but they all somehow blindly believe that he has their best interest at heart. Christmas has even defended Paul to the point that it makes Josh wonder if she really wants to go to the end with him anymore.

Josh, like the good soldier he is, eventually did win Head of Household and from there opted to nominate both Alex and Kevin for eviction. (Did anyone else want to throw something at their TV when Paul in the Diary Room basically acted as though Kevin was one of his dogs? Infuriating.) We’re certainly building at the moment towards a pretty clear eviction for Alex, but we’ll see what happens coming up — we don’t want to spoil anything for anyone within this article if you’re behind on the feeds.

Was this episode entertaining?

Moderately so thanks to the Revengers and listening to Josh realize that he needs to take a shot at Paul. Yet, Josh knowing what he needs to do and not doing it is almost even more frustrating than him being blindly loyal. He knows what he’s doing is wrong, but he’s just sitting there and allowing Paul to get further in the game, anyway. Grade: B.

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