Saturday Night Live hosts Dave Chappelle, Melissa McCarthy get Emmy wins

Dave ChappelleTonight the Emmys gave out a handful of additional trophies to guest performers (among other categories), and it proved to be a great night for Dave Chappelle and Melissa McCarthy courtesy of their Saturday Night Live hosting gigs.

Let’s start here with Chappelle, given that he is probably not the sort of guy who ever imagined that he would have such an award. He’s long been one of the best comedians of our era, but with that comes a certain mystique. Chappelle rarely makes TV appearances, left his Comedy Central show at the peak of his popularity, and also seemed to host SNL on a whim with the pairing of A Tribe Called Quest as the musical guest. We’re not sure that he will ever host the show again, but even if he doesn’t we’ve got a good feeling that we’ll remember the show for a long time.

Chappelle’s win does also have some major political undertones to it, given that his show was actually the first one following the Presidential election. While he is also known for off-the-wall humor, at the same time he started off the show with a pretty meaningful monologue talking about getting through a challenging, polarizing time. He also did a Walking Dead spoof using a variety of his old Chappelle’s Show characters, and from there also took part in a memorable edition of the Last Call sketch featuring Kate McKinnon.

Meanwhile, McCarthy took part in one of the most memorable sketches of the entire year courtesy of making her big debut as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. She ended up making a number of appearances as the character, and there is a sentiment that the impression ended up actually playing a role in Spicer’s real-life role. In the weeks that followed seeing McCarthy on the show Spicer started to give fewer on-camera briefings, which in turn led to him eventually departing over the summer.

Melissa has won multiple Emmys in the past, so we don’t think that her getting another one at this particular moment is going to come as much of a shock to anyone. Yet, at the same time it’s always nice to see someone get honored for great work … and she’s almost sure to host again if she wants to. We do think that the Spicer character is dead given that there is no reason to bring him back into the fold, but he had a good run and we know that she’s more than capable of doing a wide array of other things.

What do you think about Dave Chappelle and Melissa McCarthy getting Emmys for their Saturday Night Live this past year? Share in the comments below!

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