Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 9 review: Is Daniel Sharman leaving?

Daniel SharmanIf you recall, Fear the Walking Dead ended the feud between Walker’s people and Broke Jaw Ranch at the end of the summer finale. After all, Jeremiah Otto is dead!

With that being said, this did not mean that we were at the end of the road when it came to tensions between the two parties. Also, there was plenty of conflict that was coming within the Ranch itself. We wondered just how long it was going to be before Troy figured out the truth behind what happened with his father, but as it turned out, this happened before the end of the first hour. Nick, in the midst of refusing to turn over his weapons, got into a stand-off with Troy that almost led to some bullets flying. Instead, we eventually saw Nick surrender so that everyone could start to move forward … with the emphasis on the world “start” since we’re not quite at that plate just yet.

The thing with Troy is that his actions do have consequences now, and his actions Sunday led to him receiving the harshest punishment possible short of death: Banishment. After what happened with Walker and his pattern of instability, he faced having to leave the ranch for good. He was given the basic tools needed to survive, and then was about to be sent along his way. Madison was to one to drive him out, and he had one more violent outburst before being sent along his way.

Will we see Daniel Sharman again on the show? That’s a great question, and one that we can’t quite answer right now beyond that hotbox dream sequence with Troy at the start of 3×10. If this is the end for him, the one thing that we do know is that we’re going to miss him dearly. He was one of the best new characters to come out of this show’s third season, and he brought the right combination of crazy and carefree. You never knew quite what he was going to do at any moment, and through this episode we do think the guy did everything he possibly could in order to get himself killed. He even tackled Madison after he was sent off with her! Yet, she still didn’t do it. Apparently, she’s tired of killing — it’s either that or she merely didn’t want him to get what he wanted here.

Somewhere deep down, Troy does have a heart, and we think that his psychosis could’ve been contained in a different circumstance. Alas, that’s not what was available to him here. He didn’t have a lot of support, and his exit now means a more peaceful existence for everyone else back at the Ranch. He was one of the big remaining thorns in Walker’s side.

Overall Take

Losing Daniel Sharman is rough; yet, we’re glad that it happened in this way given that there is still some sort of hope that he can come back. Also, we’re glad that he didn’t just leave via a bullet or getting shot out of a helicopter. His departure was something different. Grade: B+.

What do you think about Fear the Walking Dead season 3 episode 9, and do you think that Troy is gone for good? Share in the comments!

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