With The X-Files season 11 filming, Gillian Anderson, David Duchovny celebrate milestone

Gillian AndersonThe X-Files season 11 is currently filming in Vancouver, and while that is going on it’s pretty darn clear that the cast and crew have a lot to celebrate. After all, 24 years ago today marked the airing of the show’s pilot episode! That was an episode that altered the course of TV history. It made stars out of Gillian Anderson and David Duchnovny, it inspired hundreds of additional stories, and there are so many other TV shows out there that were, in one way or another, born out of this show first coming on the air.

Were it not for The X-Files, who knows if we’d have other shows that are on the air right now? We love that the series has managed to bring so much great drama and creativity to the table. The stars recognize its impact, and with that have created some fun posts on Twitter recognizing the show and everything that it’s brought into their lives. Below, you can see what both Anderson and Duchovny had to say about the anniversary. It is yet another reminder of the relationship that the two stars continue to have. They’ve enjoyed working on the show for many years together, and that is one of the reasons why it is still on the air now — even with a significant hiatus in between.

While these messages are fun, we’ve also got another big of news here that is exciting: You’ve got an additional chance to go back and check out the original pilot for the show if you haven’t seen it already. Fox confirmed this great news in a post on Twitter. The new episodes are going to air at some point in the new year, and we figure that at some point in the weeks to come, there is going to be an opportunity to get some additional news on the series and what lies ahead with it. There are ten more episodes, and there could be as many as eight of them that are classic X-Files — by that, we mean standalone stories that work without too much prior knowledge of the show or its characters.

Ultimately, this little slice of nostalgia just has us all the more excited to see where the show is going to go from here. Here’s to hope for a few more notable anniversaries, and a few more notable renewals to go along with it.

What do you love the most about The X-Files?

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Also, be sure to click here to get a little more CarterMatt insight into when you could start seeing some new footage of the new version of the show. After all, both Duchovny and Anderson are going to be making an appearance next month at New York Comic-Con, and we have a feeling that some really good stuff is going to come out of that. (Photo: Fox.)

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