The Last Ship season 4 episode 6 spoilers: Weathering the storm

The Last Ship season 4 episode 6With The Last Ship season 4 episode 6 on the horizon over on TNT, it’s possible that the series yet again could continue its habit of unfortunately finding a way to connect itself to real-life headlines. We’ve seen that happen with the season 3 premiere, and next week, the show is going to be tackling a story that features the Nathan James trying to survive a massive storm that is bearing down on them. Obviously, there was no way of knowing that this was going to be airing at the same time as a number of massive hurricanes, but the timing here is certainly eerie. (If you’re in Florida or anywhere else impacted by Hurricane Irma this weekend, stay safe!)

This episode as a whole will tell the story of a storm, but that’s not the only threat apparently that the team will be facing off against. Per some of the official details courtesy of the network below, there are some other issues that the likes of Chandler and the rest of the James are going to have to contend with here.

The Last Ship season 4 episode 6 synopsis – “With an enormous storm on the horizon, Nathan James must navigate an equally terrifying threat in order to make it to safety.”

When it comes to dealing with a storm, the general assumption is that the crew on the James would be fairly ready to take something like that on. After all, this is a ship and the vast majority of the time being at sea means having a lot of training for inclement weather. However, some of the other threats that are out there for this team are a little more unpredictable. You would think that everyone would want to heal the earth and make sure that everyone has some sort of outlet for proper food and water, but as we are quickly figuring out with this show, that’s not exactly the case. There’s always someone else with an agenda, and it often involves inflicting misery and pain on other people.

The promo below

This does give you a sense of what the storm is that the Nathan James is approaching, but also the threat beyond that. Here’s the question: How crazy would someone be to shoot down the ship with the seeds on board? Well, as it turns out, pretty crazy.

What are some of your expectations when it comes to The Last Ship season 4 episode 6? Let us know some of your early thoughts/insight on this subject in the attached comments!

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