Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Does Kevin have path to final three? (day 82, morning)

final threeWe’re at day 82 now in the Big Brother 19 house, and while conventional wisdom would suggest that the rest of the game would be fairly predictable, we’re not altogether sure that things are going to shake out in that way. There are a few signs at the moment that things could get a little bit crazy over the next few days, and much of it may be due to a quiet and possibly-simmering battle between Paul and Josh.

Paul may be good, but he cannot read minds. Therefore, he doesn’t know the full extend of what Josh spoke about yesterday with the live-feeders. He considered turning on Paul before Paul won the Veto, and he easily could do it again. He’s also not entirely following Paul’s orders anymore. Paul wants him to blow up on Kevin, and instead, he and Kevin had a friendly chat last night. He also wants to talk with Alex before she leaves so she knows more where he is coming from. He’s not looking to just protect Paul’s game anymore; Paul mostly wants Josh to do things now for the sake of his own game, and Josh sees that.

Yet, in doing all of this Josh is also playing a dangerous game in that Paul may start to recognize him as more of a threat; with that, there are scenarios in which Kevin may end up getting to the final three himself if Paul thinks that he is easier to beat than Josh. Or, if Paul starts to realize that Josh could cut him, that is another thing to consider. We don’t think Kevin is dumb and could also cut Paul at the final three, but the odds of him winning the final HoH seem astronomically low. Christmas may not be a whole lot better, since her competition wins to date were thrown to her.

Now, what we do wonder here is how many jury votes we could end up seeing go Kevin’s way in the final two with Paul. He probably has Jason locked up unless he decides to not be bitter, and given that Cody hates Paul he’s a wild-card there. Beyond that, the question for some other people is simply if they vote for someone they like or the better player. We still think that Paul wins. If it’s Kevin vs. Christmas, meanwhile, maybe that’s a more interesting showdown, even if the path to this happening seems incredibly unlikely based on where things are at this very moment.

If you’re still watching the show hoping for something unexpected, this is really the only hope that we can offer. After all, it does feel liked in right now that things are relatively set in stone.

Do you think there’s a chance that Kevin could make it to the final three?

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