Homeland season 7 premiere wishlist: How much hope should there be?

Homeland season 7Let’s be honest: Homeland season 7 is still a good ways away from premiering. It will not be back on Showtime until we get to the new year. Nonetheless, isn’t there still an opportunity here to discuss what could happen when it comes back? We like to think so, which is why we’re diving into it today as the latest chapter of our ongoing Premiere Wishlist series.

This is a show that, from the start, loves to be topical, and the first thing that you can say moving into season 7, therefore, is that it will probably remain that way. We don’t see Homeland season 7 putting forward a lot of effort when it comes to changing the sort of show that it is. It’s always been dramatic and almost fear-inducing, and it needs to be that again.

Nonetheless, we do have a suggestion coming up moving forward that may surprise some out there. It’s a part of our overall list below!

1. Offer up some hope – We do think that Homeland is a show that needs to tackle serious issues, and by and large we’re glad when they do. Nonetheless, don’t make everyone feel like the country is about to crumble. There’s already a lot of that happening in real life.

2. Have Carrie fight to get Franny back – This is a big part of that. Carrie has lost almost everything in her pursuit of the job, whether it be Brody, any sense of normalcy, and now her daughter is being taken from her. Give Carrie some sort of win here; it may not be the most realistic thing in the world given that her lifestyle doesn’t dictate the best interests of a child, but maybe she can find a way to keep doing her job while offering a little more stability at the same time.

3. Don’t forget Dar – He may be behind bars, but don’t you think that this character still has a use? You don’t just remove F. Murray Abraham from your series. You find some other way to implement him and have him shine as a part of your ensemble.

4. Focus on division – As of right now, it feels like America is the greatest threat to America, and we don’t exactly think that this is going to away in the fictional America under President Keane. She’s got some bad people around her, and they may be invested on creating even more conflict from one side to the next.

5. Start to establish an endgame – While it may be too much to ask of the Homeland season 7 premiere for it to give us a sense as to how the overall series should end, maybe there should be some glimpses in there as to the legacy for Carrie and Saul. After all that they’ve been through, this has to be worth it … right?

What do you want to see during the Homeland season 7 premiere?

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