Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers spotlight: Meet Patrick Bolton, moving company man

Patrick BoltonPatrick Bolton is a part of the Hustlers tribe on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers this season, and he certainly seems to fit the billing. He’s a guy who understands the value of hard work, who’s going to be an asset around camp, and could also be the resident “Southern boy” of the season. He’s not from a farm like JT, but he’s got a little bit of that charm.

Is that going to translate over to actually playing a good game this season? That’s what we have to figure out in this edition of our castaway spotlight series!

Age – 24.

Location – He currently lives in Auburn, Alabama, which makes sense given that Auburn is where he went to school.

Bio – Bolton’s company that he owns with his brother Stephen is Bolt Movers, which operates out of both Auburn and Nashville. He’s from a small town, and he explains in the video that his dad taught him the value of hard work at an early age. He started the moving business in college, and has kept it up ever since. Given all of the moving that happens in a college town, it seems like a pretty smart place to be. (We know we’ve focused mostly on work here, but Patrick is still young and we still think he’s got a lot of life to live.)

Past Survivor comparison – He says Joe Anglim, and we get it from a competitive standpoint given that this is a guy who is probably in great shape. We do think that he doesn’t have the same sort of upbeat enthusiasm that Joe does, at least based on his video. He’s a little more rustic, and feels in that regard a little like a younger Big Tom meets the late Caleb Bankston meets JT.

Strengths – He’s an affable guy with some knowledge of the game and athletic ability. He’s a hustler, but not in the sense where you think that he’s going to screw you over to get ahead. (We do think that word does sometimes have that connotation.) He’ll be a good team player who helps you to win the majority of challenges and be useful around camp. He’s probably a good alliance guy. He speaks a lot about faith and family, and we don’t get the sense that he’ll be an enormous schemer.

Weaknesses – Is he going to be too gullible, or too afraid to make the move that needs to be done? We do wonder if Patrick is going to fall into the same traps that Joe did and rely so much on one aspect of the game that everyone will eventually see him as a threat almost no matter what he does. Joe also mentions that he’s worried about getting sunburned as a ginger, and just from the pre-game video alone, we certainly feel for what his skin is going to look like come day 30 if he lasts that long.

Pre-show prediction – There’s no reason to get rid of Patrick before the merge unless he’s a victim of a tribe swap or someone is getting him out right before the merge. He could go on an immunity run, but he probably fits into that group who has a very small chance of winning unless he just wins his way there.

How well do you think that Patrick Bolton is going to do on Survivor: Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers? Let us know in the comments below!

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