Ray Donovan season 5 episode 5 spoilers: Sam’s negotiations

Ray Donovan season 5 episode 5If you’ve loved the Sam Winslow character so far this summer, Ray Donovan season 5 episode 5 is a great showcase for the character. Susan Sarandon has been great so far as the powerful studio boss, and we’re going to have a great chance to see that continue in the midst of some heated negotiations with Tom.

One of the most interesting scenes you’re going to see in the episode, per Showtime, is going to see whether or not she is willing to hand of the ransom. Tom wants $2 million from her, plus her husband’s Oscar. Just in case you’re wondering just how much that golden statue means, it’s not something she is all that willing to part with. Her counteroffer is $3 million and no Oscar; she will give into blackmail to a certain degree in order to get out of a tough bind, but that doesn’t mean that this willingness is unlimited. There are limits to how far she’s willing to go.

What happens if Tom doesn’t take that? Well, there may be a chance to find out on Sunday night’s new episode. Consider this one of many things that is interesting about what lies ahead in addition to the Natalie James storyline. After walking off of set — the circumstances are terrible, but the act is still the act — we’re going to see many characters within this episode do their part to track her down.

Oh, and as for Mickey, this episode is also going to feature him trying to knock out Avi … just in case you needed a reminder that Mickey is always going to be Mickey and he’s never going to change all that much, even if you would like for him to. We just hope that this is an episode that lives up to some of its billing, given that Ray Donovan has been off the air for two weeks now and it left you hanging in order for Showtime to finish off Twin Peaks. (Let’s hope there’s a little more clarity in the finale here, no?)

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Meanwhile, you can head over to this link if you want to get some more words from Sarandon herself about playing this character. Here’s to hoping she’s around until the end of the season; based on what we at CarterMatt have seen so far, there’s also a chance that you are going to see her around even more come awards season. (Photo: Showtime.)

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