Grey’s Anatomy season 14 spoilers: The Megan Hunt premiere story & more

Megan HuntThe Grey’s Anatomy season 14 premiere is a little more than two weeks away, and that means many different things! For one, we’re finally going to learn a little more about Megan Hunt and the relationship that she has with both her brother Owen and former love Nathan Riggs. Beyond that, we’re going to see Jo in the aftermath of the chaos last season, Alex wrestle potentially with some of his guilt, and also some relationship tension. We also will have to tie up some loose ends from last season, including the departure of Eliza Minnick.

Today, we’re here to help tee up the premiere episode thanks to some of the first details, via SpoilerTV, of the two episodes that are airing back to back:

“Meredith and the team focus on helping Owen’s sister; Amelia faces a conflict over a patient; Jo makes a surprising choice; Andrew’s sister’s controversial research leads to a shocking discovery.”

There are a few different things to unpack from this. While it may be true that we’ve known about Andrew’s sister turning up for a rather long time, there was a little bit of uncertainty for a while regarding just when she was going to make her first appearance. That is now resolved. She and DeLuca are going to speak Italian with one another, bringing a different touch of culture to the Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. If that wasn’t interesting in its own right, there are some other intriguing developments that come from her being there, including that it offers up an opportunity to see a different branch of medicine be practiced in Seattle than we’re used to.

Meanwhile, Abigail Spencer was already cast as Megan Hunt in a recast, and we imagine that she could appear throughout the first handful of episodes of the season. With that said, she’s not going to become a series regular for the time being. Spencer is a regular on Timeless, and that show returns to production later this fall. Given that it also films in a different part of North America in Vancouver, she can’t just run back and forth between the two shows. Maybe if Grey’s Anatomy actually filmed in Seattle full-time as opposed to Los Angeles, that would be a little easier.

It’s nice to see Meredith and Amelia working on cases, but for now, that’s all we can say about their stories beyond that Meredith working on Megan, especially given her own feelings for Riggs, should prove compelling.

What do you anticipate seeing in this Grey’s Anatomy premiere?

Share your thoughts and hopes for Megan Hunt + some of the other characters below! We also recently shared some of our thoughts on the new season over here, especially through the lens of Meredith Grey. More CarterMatt coverage is coming in due time. (Photo: ABC.)

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