Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Final two discussions begin (day 81, morning)

final twoWho defeats who in the final two? This is a subject that some Big Brother 19 houseguests really should’ve thought about weeks ago. Yet, they are starting to do that now, less than two weeks away from the end of the season.

The strangest thing is that despite some conversations last night, there aren’t too many people seemingly discussing cutting Paul before then. Alex and Paul talked about “taking each other,” and how they were pretty sure last night that they would beat either Christmas or Josh. As a matter of fact, Alex thinks that Paul would sweep against Josh, which is probably true. The funny thing here is still that Josh may be Christmas if he makes it to the end with her, just because he’s more of a fan of the show and we do think that people believe he’s a good guy, even if he’s an angry tornado from time to time. We’re not excusing some of the bullying that he’s done, but if Mark’s not upset about it, it’s hard for us to be overly judgmental on this end. (Josh winning would still be one of the strangest endings to a season ever given that so many of us felt like he would be the first one voted out — now, he’s HoH and guaranteed final four at most.)

Last night, Josh remained in a funk that comes out of Alex guilt-tripping him hard over being put on the block alongside Kevin. Christmas tried to give him a pep talk to snap him out of it, knowing that he or someone else in the alliance needs to win the Veto in order to make sure that Alex leaves this week. It’s probably BB Comics (the normal variety), and that’s a competition that Alex could easily win since so much of it is memory-based. The reality of what we could be facing here is Alex winning out, given that she’s very good at memory competitions and there are a lot of them coming. This is why we maintain that it may have been a mistake targeting Jason over her. Sure, it would have exposed Paul’s hand a little earlier, but these are not competitions at this point that Whistle-Nut was really built for. Alex could dominate some of these, so Paul needs to legitimately try to win today given that otherwise, he could be facing Alex in the final four and that could be problematic.

We’ll be back later here at CarterMatt with more on the Veto, but remember for now that this is one everyone’s going to be playing in. We’re at that point in the game!

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