Longmire season 6 premiere date wait: Announcement speculation

Longmire season 6 premiere dateWe’re all still waiting for a Longmire season 6 premiere date, and if there’s one word CarterMatt would use to describe it at this point, it’s painful. We’ve already waited longer for news this year than we have any other year since the show moved to Netflix — other than a photo earlier this summer, there hasn’t been a whole lot else released on the final chapter. Filming wrapped months ago, and with the fifth-season DVD coming out later this month, now seems about the right time for the premiere date to be announced.

The frustration here at CarterMatt is simple: You want Longmire, (provided that this is truly the end) to depart with its head held high and with the largest viewership possible. If nobody knows when the show is coming out, that’s hard to do. It also proves to be even more challenging if your goal at the end of the day is to get a movie to come out of the show. You have to find potentially another home for that if Netflix isn’t interested, and it takes viewership and buzz to make it happen. This is why a premiere-date announcement is important here, even if the show is ending.

Right now, conventional wisdom still suggests that an October premiere is happening. The time-frame works with the season 5 DVD date in mind. Also, Netflix hasn’t announced all of their October release dates just yet. When will they do that? Probably around a week or so before the end of this month. Maybe at around September 21 or so, we could see officially what shows are coming on when. We expect to see Longmire season 6 as a part of that list, and maybe then a trailer or at least a teaser will come along with it.

What if that doesn’t happen? Well, that opens up all sorts of other possibilities. If the show doesn’t release in October, crazy as it may seem, we’d probably recommend that the show come out Thanksgiving Week. Therefore, it avoids November sweeps and gives us a great opportunity in order to see the show come on the air at a time when there’s a little less going on in terms of new programming.

Luckily, we don’t think that we’re going to have to wait that long. It feels like October is the natural time in order to say goodbye to Longmire (for now), and we’re preparing ourselves for that. We just wish that the folks over at Netflix would be doing something similar. If they’re going to announce the Stranger Things 2 premiere date more than two months in advance, can’t they at least give us a month to know when we’ll be seeing Walt and company back?

When do you want the Longmire season 6 premiere date to be?

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