Blue Bloods season 8: Could Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny really retire?

Donnie Wahlberg's DannyIs it possible that Donnie Wahlberg’s Danny could actually leave the force behind on the Blue Bloods season 8 premiere? It’s a pretty difficult thing to think about, but it’s certainly something that’s possible.

Based on the details that are out there about the upcoming premiere in just three weeks, we know that Danny is going to be at a major crossroads in terms of his career. He’s worked with the force for a long time, and in turn, can take credit for doing a lot of wonderful, heroic things. Yet, at the same time he’s also more acutely aware than ever before of the target that comes with being a police officer. There are a number of people who want to see the character dead, and in the season 7 finale, he saw his house burn to the ground.

Will he recover from that? We know that the Reagan as is to keep fighting and taking on whatever obstacle is thrown at you. With that, we certainly do think that he will. Nonetheless, along the way we’re going to see him having a significant debate over his future.

The merits of him leaving his job start with one very simple notion: If he walks away from the force, one of the things that he could in turn feel is a greater sense of safety for his family. They don’t have to worry anywhere near as much about someone targeting him, and he in turn can probably protect them better. There are certainly some other jobs out there that would be willing to hire him, even if some of them (like private security) could carry with them some dangers of their own.

As for some of the merits of sticking with the job, most of those start with just getting an opportunity to do more work that benefits the entire city of New York. Maybe Danny thinks in terms of the greater good, or that he is putting away bad guys who could hurt his family if they are out on the street. There are inherent risks that go with being a cop, but so long as he is careful, he can try to mitigate some of those risks from here on out.

Blue Bloods is, at its core, a cop show — therefore, we do want to think that no matter what happens, at the end of the Danny is going to be involved in law enforcement somehow. Yet, this debate is still important. If he were to not carefully consider his future after an incident like this, much of his humanity would be stripped. This is the sort of incident that really makes you question everything, including if you’re living your life the right way. It should be a strong focus for the premiere.

Do you think that Danny could actually retire?

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