Big Brother 19 interview: Allison Grodner talks Celebrity version, potential All-Stars

Allison GrodnerIt’s interesting that this week’s CarterMatt Big Brother 19 interview with Allison Grodner ended up being about seasons beyond just this current one! We’re getting near the end of the season, and with the announcement of Celebrity Big Brother on Thursday’s eviction show, it made sense to have that be one of our discussions topics.

If you look below, Grodner touches briefly on one key subject of the celebrity version of the show — why do it now, and after so many years and speculation about the idea? She also touches on one key aspect of the Double Eviction show (the Veto Competition) and how early on production looks at potential All-Stars for other seasons.

CarterMatt –  I’ll admit watching that Veto Competition I was a little worried nobody was going to be able to fill up those canisters with limes after a while! Was there a contingency plan in the event that they were so terrible at it that they ate up most of the show?

Allison Grodner – We tested this competition many times before the live show and were confident that we would have a winner within the hour. That being said, it did surprise us how long it took them and we were ready and prepared to cut script copy towards the end of the show if the veto ran over any more than it did. The unknown is what makes live television so much fun!

At one point does production start to think about possible returning players? At this point, do you start to circle certain people you would like to see again down the road, or do you save that for the end?

We are always thinking about who we would ask back a second time and who would ultimately be considered an All Star, but that doesn’t mean we are planning an All Star season anytime soon ;).

Of course, I have to at least ask about the big announcement at the end of the episode! How long has the Celebrity Big Brother idea been in the works, are you going to be running it, and is there anything you could speak to in terms of the plans?

We are very excited to be producing the first ever US version of BB Celebrity. When Big Brother first began we looked into the possibility but it never came to fruition. The success this summer inspired everyone here to make it happen and we are just now starting to work out all of the details. We are looking forward to an awesome winter event.

Our takeaway

The high ratings for this season seem to be one factor in bringing the Celebrity show out now, and we also feel like not having Big Brother: Over the Top probably also played a role.

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