Raven’s Home episode 8 spoilers: The story of ‘Vending the Rules’

Raven's Home episode 8After this week’s airing, do you want some early news on Raven’s Home episode 8? Well, we’re more than happy to provide some right here at CarterMatt! The next new episode is coming up on September 15, and it is carrying with it the title of “Vending the Rules.” After all, Raven’s Home really wouldn’t be Raven’s Home were it not for some sort of super-witty title.

As for what is coming up in the episode, basically this is going to be a classic story all about the kids trying to learn the value of hard work — the synopsis below is a little more of an indication of that.

Raven’s Home episode 8 synopsis – “When Booker and Levi want expensive virtual reality goggles, the boys come up with a plan to make money by selling snacks at school.”

This episode should be fun just from the standpoint of seeing what happens when kids try to market something to other kids that they’re used to getting in the cafeteria to begin with. There are few customers out there more judgmental than kids, and they could find themselves in for a rude awakening when they realize that raising the money is a little bit harder than they planned. Ultimately, this should prove to be rewarding to them one way or another … even if they don’t get the goggles. They’re probably not worth the money, anyways! Have you ever tried them? You wear them for around ten minutes and the you feel sick! This is after you pay hundreds of dollars for them, and the thought of that alone is also fairly sickening in its own right. In the end though, even if they don’t get the goggles they will learn the value of hard work and working together and those are life lessons they can use moving forward into other ventures.

The only thing that’s not altogether clear at the moment here is what the impact of Raven and/or Chelsea will be in this episode. Are they going to be the ones to suggest the candy plan, or fulfill more of the role of quiet support? We know that Raven “quietly supporting” something doesn’t exactly seem like her, so we’ve got a feeling that she would want to be involved in some capacity. In the end, maybe she would just want to see if Booker and Levi get some sort of valuable lesson out of this when the dust settles.

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