Hawaii Five-0 season 8 spoilers: How will Adam be involved?

Hawaii Five-0 season 8The status of Ian Anthony Dale’s Adam on Hawaii Five-0 season 8 has been a bit of a mystery, because while we know that the actor is going to be a series regular for the upcoming stretch of episodes, there’s still some questions as to how that comes about. He’s not a formal part of the team per se, and to go along with that, his wife Kono is also currently missing in action. Grace Park is gone from the show and the character ended up leaving at the end of season 7 to continue her work on a sex-trafficking case.  Adam may know McGarrett, Danny, and many of the other characters, but there’s a difference between being pals away from work and actually being married to someone. Our biggest question is going to be, how they are going to convince us that after everything Adam and Kono went through, that Adam wouldn’t be on the next plane out of Hawaii to join his wife.

Speaking in a new post via Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Peter Lenkov opened up briefly on what some of the plans for the Adam character are, and how it could be geared towards a very specific operation throughout the season:

“Adam’s involvement with Five-0 is going to be very different from the other members of Five-0 … What he’s going to be helping us with is a very specific task, so he’s not going to be another member of Five-0 wearing a badge, doing case-of-the-week stuff. He’s doing something that’s going to be built into a big season arc for him.”

We know that you won’t be seeing Dale right away on Hawaii Five-0 season 8, but he is a series regular and we therefore think that he will be around for a good part of the story. With that, hopefully we’ll have a chance to get some more updates regarding what the character is up to in the weeks and months to come. It’s going to be nice to have him just as a means to honor the Kono character, and also to see more of what he is like without her around, but we still want a clear answer as to why he’s not going to be with his wife and remain on the island.

What else is coming? CarterMatt has some answers.

Odds are, you’ve heard already that there are some new additions to the cast with Beulah Koale and Meaghan Rath — the latter will be appearing in the first episode of the season as Tani Rey, and you’ll be seeing Koale as Junior Reigns not too far past that. They both are joining the Task Force in a more official role and will be involved in some cases. There will be some familiar faces stopping by here and there in a guest-starring capacity, including Claire Forlani as Alicia Brown following the great arc that she had on the show last season.

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