NCIS season 15 trailer highlights Gibbs’ struggle, Maria Bello’s debut

NCIS season 15 trailerCarterMatt is excited to bring you the first NCIS season 15 trailer (which you can check out below) leading up to the show’s premiere later this month, and it’s certainly intense!

Just in case you are a little bit behind on what the story for the new season is going to be, CarterMatt is here to help to catch you up: We’re picking up almost immediately where we left off in terms of where Gibbs and McGee are currently located in Paraguay. They’re trapped there without too much in the way of hope that they will be brought back to Washington safely. Luckily, we know that the two are fairly resourceful and with that, together they could figure out a way out of this situation and back to the team.

While they are working towards a way to secure their freedom, also remember that this premiere will feature Leon Vance heading to Congress to discuss the situation. We speculated in the past that maybe some of these political leaders were going to be critical of the job that he’s been doing down there, but that’s not the case at all; instead, what we’re going to end up seeing is Vance going to Congress in hopes of getting additional help. He realizes that this is an all-hands-on-deck situation, and that Gibbs and McGee are going to need every little bit of help possible in order to ensure that they get home.

This NCIS season 15 trailer does also offer up the first bit of footage of Maria Bello on the show, but one of the things that we should say about this is that it’s just the smallest of teases. Also, she’s actually not going to show up in the first episode, even if it appears that way in this trailer; you’re actually going to be waiting until episode 4, (which is likely going to air in October) to see her for the first time. She will be a significant foil/challenge for Gibbs, and judging from her appearance here she is also into boxing. We’re excited to have her, largely because it’s reasonably rare that we get a performer of her talent joining a show like this so deep into its run. This gives us something more to be excited about this season, so it’s not like the cliffhanger is resolved and then virtually everything else on the show reverts to some form of normal. The masterminds behind the show have some strong storylines planned for us, and we can’t wait.

Want to know some more news beyond this NCIS season 15 trailer?

Well, we’ve got some of our signature CarterMatt analysis on Bello’s character over here, including for the first time the reveal of her name. We assume that some more info about the character will be made clear as we get a bit closer to her episode actually airing, so be sure to check back here often.

What do you think about this NCIS season 15 trailer, and does this have you even more amped-up to see some great stories coming up this season? Share in the comments. (Photo: CBS.)

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