Class season 2; Doctor Who spin-off officially canceled after long wait

Class season 2For some out there, the news of the Doctor Who spin-off Class being canceled was certainly anticipated. Nonetheless, we do imagine that it’s going to be quite a bummer for many people out there.

While it was confirmed already that writer Patrick Ness had no intention of returning for a Class season 2, we recieved additional confirmation this week in the form of a new interview over at the Radio Times in the UK. While there, Damian Kavanagh of BBC3 revealed that the show simply wasn’t performing in the way that either he or some other people associated with the network would have liked:

“There was nothing wrong with it. I thought [writer] Patrick [Ness] did a great job; he explored an amazing world. In honesty, it didn’t really land for us on BBC3. Some shows don’t, and I have to make decisions about what we’re going to do from a drama point of view.”

Ultimately, the Class cancellation wasn’t Ness’ fault, or the fault of anyone else as a whole. This was a show that did have great potential, but the final episodes were a little hit-or-miss and even before that, it was hard to attract the young viewership that the network had hoped. The problem here seems to be that the series couldn’t get an audience for itself beyond a certain percentage of the Doctor Who fandom, and even some of them were not necessarily sold on jumping on board a series that was supposed to be geared towards a younger crowd. We certainly do think that Doctor Who spin-offs can work (hello, Torchwood), but it does take a certain degree of planning in order to have them deliver.

We hope that the BBC does try again with these sorts of spin-offs down the road, but the focus at the moment should just be on making sure that Doctor Who season 11 ends up being the strongest show imaginable for the BBC when it premieres. Remember that it is going to be starting up at some point in 2018, with one of the most-exciting parts of it being the arrival of Jodie Whittaker as the Thirteenth Doctor. There is a big risk being taken there, and the BBC should really work on paying that off before they focus on too much else. If the new season is a hit, maybe you produce some more spin-offs following that. The property needs a little bit of a boost after suffering some minor ratings struggles over the course of this past year. The show’s not in any cancellation danger by any means, but it also is not what it once was in terms of being a relative powerhouse.

What do you think about there being no Class season 2 on BBC3? Will you miss it? Share in the comments!

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