Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Waiting for HoH; aftermath (day 79, evening)

Big Brother 19After roughly a week of pure boredom, we’re almost getting shocked back to life with all of the Big Brother 19 news today! In between the Celebrity Big Brother announcement and also the Double Eviction, our adrenaline is off the charts right now!

Unfortunately … there’s no new HoH yet. We’ll probably have those results in the morning since it may be late tonight when it happens. (If CarterMatt learns who it is early, we’ll update this post.) Anyhow, things right now in the house are reasonably peaceful, all things considered. Kevin is thankful to Paul, at least to the extent that he didn’t get himself voted out the game. He probably thinks that he could actually be part of a final two with Paul, which is not exactly what we want … but he may think it’s his only option. He knows that Alex hates him, and that Josh and Christmas are pretty close.

Paul’s already saying that he doesn’t want to win HoH this week, so that means that either Josh, Christmas, or Kevin are eligible. If Kevin throws it like Paul claims he will, that means either Josh or Christmas will nominate Kevin and Alex, and if Alex loses the Veto, she ends up going home. She’s shown that she is really good at comps, so there is a legitimate reason to want to take her out now. She could beat Paul at the final three, so that’s another reason for him to make the move.

Unfortunately, those of you watching are hoping for some sort of dramatic twist in the action and are probably going to be disappointed. Paul, Christmas, and Josh have an easy path to the final three if they want to take it, and the only mistake that Paul is making right now is that thinking that either Josh or Christmas would take him over each other. At this point it benefits him more to get rid of one of them at the final four and get to the end with Kevin — he’s not that well-liked by everyone in the jury, and he doesn’t really have a good perception as someone who has been actually playing the game all season long. If Paul loses, at least there’s a winner that most people in the fandom seem to like — even if he has no real shot at winning at all.

The real losers tonight? Jury house, given that Raven’s going to show up there and now she and Matt can trash the place and start screaming like they did on the show. There’s also going to be a lot of “I told you so” statements going on when Raven realizes just how badly she got played by Paul — at least Jason had the good sense of knowing it the moment right after he left the game.

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