The Blacklist season 5 photo: Life for Liz Keen is not getting easier…

Blacklist season 5 photoDid you really think that Elizabeth Keen was about to find some peace in her life? If so, the latest The Blacklist season 5 photo should be a strong reminder that it’s not going to happen.

This new Blacklist season 5 photo (above) comes courtesy of the folks over at NBC, and it’s for the premiere episode airing later this month entitled “Smokey Putnam” — still one of our favorite titles that the show. This photo really speaks for itself, but we’ll try to break it down a little bit more anyway. You’ve got Liz Keen pointing a gun, presumably towards some sort of assailant. Is she about to shoot to kill, or is this more of a threat? We certainly don’t think that she (or anyone else) wants weapon fired, but there are times in which it’s necessary on this show. Her intention here depends mostly on context, but you can see from the light switches behind her that she is presumably in some sort of home. It’s not the sort of place you would expect to find an adversary, and there may be more intention behind her having the gun here. It could be to corner someone for information, given that it’s going to be hard for him or her to run away from this situation and let’s not forget that Liz has spent this whole show seeking out answers.

Based on some of the information that is out there on the premiere episode already, Megan Boone’s character will be coming to terms with a new reality in “Smokey Putnam.” She’s now learned that Raymond Reddington is her father, and she has to figure out what that means for her past and her present. Meanwhile, Reddington is working on determining what his own future will be now that his organization has collapsed and his contacts have disappeared into the wind. What value does he still have? Much of it could be as a father as opposed to some sort of criminal ringleader — though he may still try to use his contacts in the premiere as a way to get a little bit more cash coming in for himself.

Meanwhile, remember that there is another secret that Liz is going to have to contend with at some point: The suitcase. Tom has it, and he may still be debating what to do with it. CarterMatt floated the idea in a recent article that the truth about Reddington and Liz could influence what he chooses to do with it — would he want to intentionally sever ties more between Liz and her biological dad? It’s something that he is going to have to consider in this episode, and he could choose to keep the secret until a rainy day, when he feels as though Reddington has crossed a line and he needs to expose him in some shape or form.

What do you think about this Blacklist season 5 photo?

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