Big Brother 19 live feed spoilers: Eviction plan set (day 79, morning)

eviction planIt’s the morning of the latest Big Brother 19 Double Eviction show, and there are times when these mornings are exciting. Alas, that’s not true today.

If you’ve been watching the live feeds for the past day or two, (or just reading CarterMatt’s updates) then you already know that the eviction plan is set. We’re going to see tonight rodeo clown Jason Dent be bucked right out of the house by the bronco that is Paul, who determined a while back that he is a big threat. Ironically, Paul’s actually voting to keep him, but none of that matters since Christmas will break the tie and ensure that he leaves the game. Jason hasn’t really done any campaigning, but he doesn’t feel like he needs to since it seems as though the plan to keep him is stable.

The only person Jason has really talked any game with is Kevin, who has told him that he’ll put some good words in for him in jury. However, Kevin’s also told him that if he wants to win this season, he needs to get rid of Paul and Alex. These two players are firmly in the camp of “we know that Paul is playing the best game,” but they are both also outnumbered and cannot really do anything to convince anyone to make a move. Christmas and Josh are both so deluded into thinking that they need Paul, and Raven wants to go to the final two with him. Let’s just hand Paul the money now and be done with it.

The one person who could make a move against Paul is Josh, but we don’t really see that happening until we get to the final four. At that point, it makes sense to remove him and then trying to win to the end. It’s crazy to think, but we do believe that there are universes in which Josh makes it to the end and wins. We never would’ve thought that back when he was banging pots and pans in Mark’s face or belittling Cody and Jessica. Cody wouldn’t vote for him, but other people might in the right context. He does know the game.

What’s the biggest takeaway from Jason’s game this season? It’s mostly about timing and realizing when to make a move. He actually wasn’t a bad player given that he was well-liked in the house and capable of winning competitions. He just won too many in a short period of time, and then didn’t those opportunities to remove people who could be a threat to his game. If he’d removed Paul from the house or made more of an attempt at it, he could’ve pulled Kevin in closer and tried to make inroads with some other players. Jason’s other problem was having a #1 ally in Alex who is disliked by other people for her juvenile behavior; Kevin would’ve never wanted to work with her.

Go beyond the eviction plan

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