Scandal season 7 promo: Kerry Washington’s got the white hat…

Scandal season 7 promoThe first Scandal season 7 promo is online courtesy of ABC, and there’s one quick takeaway that we’ve got from it: Olivia’s got the hat…

The white hat is representative of so much on this show, and we also think Kerry Washington carrying it represents quite a debate in its own right. She’s at a crossroads, and at a significant point of contention in her life. We’re moving on to a different era in the White House, and yet she was powerful and integral in the transition. She spent so much time fixing other people, has she found a way to fix herself? We wonder if that idea of Vermont, and of happiness exists for someone like Olivia, or if she is going to have to find a way to escape all of this and get herself closer to a happiness that is more realistic for her.

For many of the other characters, the questions are the same. Do people like Huck and Quinn, (who have done so much to so many people and are the ultimate survivors) come back after what they’ve gone through? How will the Presidency take place now? Well, that’s another question entirely for a different CarterMatt article down the road. The issue that Scandal faces at this point is that things in the White House are so crazy that it’s ultimately hard to imagine the show finding a way to top some of that storytelling going on there.

The one downside to this Scandal season 7 promo is that there is no new footage from the up coming season. This is all just some super-stylized, super-cool images designed to get you all the more excited to see the show coming back.

Is Scandal season 7 the right time to end the show?

In many ways we think it is, though we’d also argue that ABC could (and perhaps should) have made this decision to say farewell to the series a while back. Just remember how crazy everything has gotten, and we do actually think that the show was better when things were a little bit more contained and there was focus on stories of the week for Olivia to tackle. We do still think that the show does have some creative high points here and there. Personally, our hope is that with this being the final season, the writers are going to feel all the more inspired to come and deliver some storylines that are powerful, memorable, and help deliver us an ending that we are satisfied with.

New episodes are beginning in just a few weeks, and rest assured that we’re going to have some additional information on Scandal episodes here at CarterMatt, so be sure to come back and check that out.

What do you think about this Scandal season 7 promo?

Be sure to share some of your thoughts on that subject below! Remember that if you do want to snag some additional news/updates on the series, including our take on the already-announced episode count, you can do so by heading over to the link here. (Photo: ABC.)

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