Suits season 7 episode 9 review: Harvey, Donna’s past comes back

Suits season 7 episode 9 reviewIn the wake of everything that transpired with the prison case last week, Suits season 7 episode 9 found itself in an interesting spot. There were two episodes left this summer, and Mike and Harvey didn’t have a major case to take on.

Well, they did finally find a worthy opponent in Usman Ally (of Veep famewho played Deputy Attorney General Andrew Malik. He’s a guy who Harvey Specter had paid little to no attention to in the past, and tonight, he saw this as an opportunity to make more of a claim for himself. Harvey and Mike also found themselves in some danger because they were representing a guilty client, and Malik had them when it came to settlements.

If there is one word that we would use to describe this episode, it is “underestimations.” Harvey severely underestimated the ability of Malik to get the best of him, thinking that he could work his typical mojo, be super-charming, and manage to get what he wanted at the end of the day. Unfortunately, that didn’t turn out to be the case. Andrew owned Harvey and Mike in court, and it definitely seems as though he had some dirt on Harvey he was ready to use.

As it turns out, much of this stemmed from when Harvey was in the D.A.’s office, and Malik was planning to use the one thing that he could against him: Donna. He was ready to call Donna to the stand so that he could screw Harvey over, win this case, and ensure that Harvey had the humiliation he felt he’d deserved for years. The chip on Malik’s shoulder is the size of New York, and the Clifford Danner case is the fuel for his fire.

Rachel and Robert Zane team up

Hey, it’s time for some father-daughter bonding! He convinced her to take a pro-bono case and work alongside her. It was a case about faulty financials, there were well over a hundred plaintiffs, and Robert was altogether certain that there was discrimination at the center of it. It was starting to get rather clear that there was a larger motive for Robert in this case. The boss who he was trying to go after in this case, (as it turns out) previously harassed and wrongfully-terminated his sister. Her life fell apart as a result of losing her job, and Robert carried that guilt with him for years.

Our big takeaway from this storyline was the simple reminder that Wendell Pierce is fantastic.

Louis teams up with Brian

Remember Brian? For most of this season we’ve seen the associate be belittled and treated like a nothing by Louis. Yet, we had a chance to see it all over again as Louis decided to take some of his guilt, (which he harbored because of sleeping with Sheila) out on Brian when he didn’t have to. It was actually Gretchen who brought the two together, and eventually convinced him to meet with his therapist to talk about everything when it comes to Sheila. He cares for her, and more than that, he’s afraid of ending up alone.


This episode concluded with Donna telling Louis to prepare her for court, as the two had a huge showdown coming. She had a heart to heart with Rachel in the closing minutes, and Louis actually went to help with Brian’s baby! These heartwarming moments are a nice way to offset the oncoming chaos. Episode Grade: A-.

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