Zoo season 3 episode 11 spoilers: Can Clementine save the team?

Zoo season 3 episode 11When Zoo season 3 episode 11 airs on CBS Thursday night, to say that the expectations are through the roof would be an understatement. The same goes for the drama.

This past episode ended with what has to be considered the most dramatic Zoo cliffhanger in the history of the series, given that we saw Abigail Westbrook take a gun to the likes of Jamie, Mitch, and Jackson while also stabbing Abe. She was a one-woman wrecking crew on many of our heroes, and now she is off trying to execute the next phase of her hybrid plan while Clementine faces another challenge: Preparing to welcome her baby into the world thanks to an accelerated pregnancy, and then also finding a way to save everyone on the team who are all an inch away from death.

The only help that she seems to have is coming from her baby’s father Sam, who seems just as confused as she is when it comes to what they should be doing in this situation. They’ve been able to get some instructions from Dariela, but we’re not entirely sure that following instructions is the real strength of some of these characters. They seem to be more in the camp of “go rogue, screw some stuff up, fix other things, and then see what happens later” camp. Somehow, this does end up working for them more often than it should — but other times, going rogue and not quite communicating with the rest of the team gets them into trouble. We like to think that if Jamie and Jackson had a few more discussions about Abigail, they would have made some very different choices that may not have led to her mowing the whole team down.

How prepared is Clem going to be to save everyone’s lives? It’s going to be a challenge, that we know for sure! She does have some help from Dariela, but it’s remote — also, Dariela makes it pretty clear to her that it is a mistake to receive any help from the outside. She could run the risk of contamination if some outside air gets in.

Take a look behind the scenes!

Consider this a bonus video from the fine folks over at CBS, as they show you via some visual effects and precisely how some of the hybrids are constructed to look as real and as scary as they do on the show. We figure that creating these was probably an even more difficult process than coming up with the animals the first two seasons. At least back then, there was a realistic model that the team could use for their sketches. Now it’s even more creative!

From Zoo season 3 episode 11 until the end of the season, we here at CarterMatt are imagining that the population of hybrids on the show is only going to increase. After all, more of them are creeping ever closer to the wall, and Abigail is ready to use them to (insert dramatic music) take over the world.

What do you think you want to see on Zoo season 3 episode 11?

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