The Flash season 4 spoilers: The aftermath of Caitlin Snow – Julian Albert story

Caitlin Snow - Julian AlbertThe Caitlin Snow – Julian Albert relationship became one of the key sideplots on The Flash season 4, and it allowed us to explore Julian’s softer side. However, it was also a relationship that never got all that far off the ground. He cared about her, and she cared about him on some level, but you also have to blame some of his actions for her becoming Killer Frost in the first place. He was so desperate to keep her alive that he did something Caitlin would never have approved of; within that moment, she would have rather died.

Well, things for Cailin on The Flash season 4 are going to get all the more interesting from here on out thanks to the fact that Julian is now gone, and she no longer has this foil to bounce off of. This is somewhat of a bummer because the two characters, (even if they didn’t end up being romantic partners) still had a fun dynamic with one another. Having Tom Felton leave the show means that The Flash loses its biggest resident grump, and they now have to look in some other places in order to find a surly foil for Barry who questions what much of the team does. Every now and then, you do need to throw someone into the mix to doubt some of your decisions. Otherwise, you run the risk of running amok!

In speaking recently to Digital Spy, series star Danielle Panabaker reflected herself on the Caitlin Snow – Julian Albert relationship with the following:

“Here’s the one thing I will say about Caitlin’s relationship with Julian last year – I think he was more into her than she was into him … She was dealing with so much personal stuff, so much turmoil, as she was learning about her powers. So I think it’s a loss for the show and for Team Flash, but I don’t know that Caitlin feels Julian’s absence as deeply as she felt, for example, [her late fiancé] Ronnie’s absence.”

We do think that Julian will be missed on the show during his time away and all of us here at CarterMatt are hoping and praying that he does return, but the team is just not going to have a whole lot of time to focus on that right now. Instead, their priorities are going to shift to some other things, including getting Barry Allen out of the Speed Force and then also taking on a whole host of new villains, including the new Big Bad Clifford DeVoe a.k.a. The Thinker. There will also be some new potential heroes turning up on the show this season included Elongated Man, whose powers of stretching his body out to inhuman proportions largely speak for themselves. In the comics, the character does have a solid friendship with Barry, so that will be fun to explore.

As for how the Julian character is written out of the show, odds are that this will be made clear in the premiere.

Will you miss the Caitlin Snow – Julian Albert storyline?

Let us know in the comments right now! Meanwhile, head over to this link if you want to get some additional news on Earth-2 Harry and an identity crisis he may be having on season 5. (Photo: The CW.)

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