Another Absentia behind-the-scenes video surfaces

Absentia behind-the-scenes videoWhile you continue to wait for episodes to air, hopefully another Absentia behind-the-scenes video will tide you over?

This Absentia behind-the-scenes video comes courtesy of the folks over at AXN in Spain, who are planning to broadcast the Stana Katic series beginning later this month. This is one of the reasons why we are seeing a lot of promotion going on in countries like Spain and Portugal. As for the US network, well CarterMatt is showing up outside of US networks’ windows doing our best John Cusack in Say Anything impression in hopes that someone, anyone will tell us that they are the mystery network that picked Absentia up.

If you watch the video we have for you below, you will actually notice that there are many similarities between this one and the one that was shared on the internet previously by the Portuguese chapter of AXN. Both feature hosts taking you to Sofia, (which is where Absentia filmed this past winter) to showing fans a few locations before doing some interviews with the cast. There are on-location interviews with three different performers in the clip, including Neil Jackson (Jack Byrne), Patrick Heusinger (Nick Durand), and Cara Theobold (Alice Durand). There is some interview footage of Katic in here, but it appears to be coming from a different location than the show’s set.

Is there a whole lot of new information in this clip for those of you who are diehards to the Absentia world? Probably not, but there is some more insight into how certain performers perceive their characters and that is always fun to learn. We would imagine that thanks to some of the unique dilemmas that these people find themselves in, there is something exciting about the material. Look at it this way: These are all characters at a crossroads, and ones that will have distinct before and after periods to Emily being around. We want to believe that they are all going to be better with her around, but there is no guarantee of that. As a matter of fact, for someone like Alice there’s clearly going to be some strain since she is dealing with someone who was previously with her husband. She obviously will sympathize with Emily’s plight and her story, but that doesn’t mean that she is going to be altogether willing to give up her own life with Nick in order to allow Emily to swoop in and be with him instead. Granted, it’s still a little bit early to even know whether or not this is something that Emily or Nick would even want.

Want to get some additional Absentia coverage right away?

If you head over to the link here, one of the things that you can see a little more news about are some of the latest Absentia promo images. We hopefully are going to have some more of these as we progress closer to when the show premieres and on the other side of it. (Photo: AXN.)

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