Gotham season 4 trailer: The Scarecrow instills even more fear (video)

Gotham season 4 trailerThe latest Gotham season 4 trailer has now arrived (via Fox), and this one really wants you to fear the Scarecrow.

If you’ve read the comics then you know just how scared of him you should be! This character is well-known for being one of the most-notorious (and frightening) villains within the DC Comics universe, and judging from the way in which the show is currently describing the character, it does feel reasonably similar to the version of the Scarecrow that we’ve come to know from the Batman comics. Jonathan Crane, (while underneath the mask) is able to use it in order to drive people to madness. He is a very different sort of adversary in that he’s not physically intimidating per se, and he’s also not all that interested in even being physically intimidating. His focus is a little bit more singular than that, and you can see just how scary a character he is in some of the footage below. His voice is fantastic, and there are a couple of moments in here that may make you jump right out of your chair.

Beyond this, there are also a couple of other questions we have here at CarterMatt that are worth asking…

1. Who is this new Barbara? – She’s got a new haircut and seemingly a new sense of style. To date, we’ve effectively seen three or four different iterations of this character. We had the somewhat-normal Jim Gordon love interest, the psychotic killer, the crime boss, and then now whatever this new iteration is. After being electrocuted, we can’t imagine that she will emerge from that experience thinking as though she is the same exact person that she’s been for much of the series’ run.

2. Can the GCPD really be trusted? – The show is probably always going to be framed through Gordon’s perspective in one way or another, and here you’re going to learn more about how difficult it is for Jim to find safety in the midst of such great chaos. Not only do they have to contend with a near-constant stream of villains, but it also still feels as though there are some characters like the Penguin who are very much intent on turning as many people as possible against the police.

3. Oh, and Bruce Wayne in a mask – This show does want you to think that the dawn of Batman is here. We’re not willing to go that far, given that Bruce is still a teenager and he’s trying to figure himself out. We do still think that it is important to explore the awkward-superhero-teenage years for the character, when he thinks he’s probably good enough to fight crime. He’s probably going to get his butt kicked a million times over, but he’ll get past it. Plus, he’s enormously wealthy and can fix whatever broken bones he will inevitably get.

Looking beyond this Gotham season 4 trailer

We suggest that you head over here to see another recent video from DC Comics, which features more of the actors speaking out about their roles.

What do you think about this Gotham season 4 trailer? Be sure to sound off with some of your thoughts below! (Photo: Fox.)

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