CBS News nabs key Hillary Clinton, Steve Bannon interviews

CBS NewsIf you are looking to see some big Hillary Clinton and Steve Bannon interviews on TV, you’re going to want to head on over to CBS News. Today, it was announced that different programs under the CBS umbrella are going to be getting their first sit-downs since facing some key milestones in their lives.

For Clinton, she will be speaking Sunday on CBS Sunday Morningwhere she and Jane Pauley will discuss her ill-fated 2016 Presidential Election bid, James Comey, Donald Trump, and a variety of other subjects that are covered in her new book What Happened, which takes you through her side of the entire election process. There are already some comments within that book that have drawn headlines, including her opinions on Trump during some of the debates and also Bernie Sanders and his own attempt to secure the Democratic ticket. Because of this book tour you will likely see a good deal of Clinton over the next few weeks, just as you will also likely see many a tweet-storm from President Trump attacking her for doing some of these interviews. It’s pretty much a rinse-and-repeat cycle when it comes to this relationship.

Meanwhile, Sunday night on 60 Minutes is going to feature the first televised interview with Trump’s former adviser Steve Bannon, a man often thought of as a puppetmaster within his administration. His role with Breitbart before becoming a part of the administration led to him being a polarizing figure, and he was even depicted on Saturday Night Live as the Grim Reaper. Maybe it’s not accurate depending on your political viewpoint, but it was pretty darn funny.

Also, what’s notable here is that for all of the talk of Fake News and biased media outlets across various sides of the political spectrum, both Clinton and Bannon have chosen a venue for their interviews in CBS News that is thought of as relatively down the middle when it comes to a bias or lack thereof. They didn’t deliberately seek out personalities from MSNBC or Fox News to do a much-hyped interview; they’re going to get the largest ratings by heading to a broadcast network, but they in turn will probably be forced to answer tougher questions which is what everyone is really waiting for.

Let’s face it — for some in 2017, there is nothing more entertaining than watching and reading about politics. For those of you who love that the Sunday may as well be the Super Bowl given that you have two heavyweights speaking out in a way that they rarely do. Both will get their time in the spotlight, and then after that both will inevitably return back to their normal posts, continuing to work on progressing America forward in the best way that they know how. Every step of the way, they’ll also probably continue to have a number of people loathing them for things that are largely out of their control.

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