If The Bold Type season 2 happens, what are the plans?

Bold Type season 2Following the finale, what are some of the story ideas for The Bold Type season 2? One of the unfortunate things that you do have to remember right now is that the show is very much on the ratings bubble. The numbers aren’t great for Freeform, but they’ve shown a reasonable amount of liberty at giving shows with lower ratings a second season. They’ve allowed other shows that have struggled a bit in their first season to have a moment or two to find their footing with a second kick of the can.

Therefore, for the sake of this article let’s pretend that The Bold Type season 2 is be a thing and let’s talk about what the show could do next? They have the three leads to focus on, but they also have so many other characters who make up the whole ensemble that we would love to learn more about. Speaking to TVLine, show executive producer Sarah Watson passed along the following message in terms of what she’d like to explore:

“I want to get to know the guys a little bit better. For Season 1, it was all about the girls and their friendship and getting to know them. It would be great now in Season 2 to get to know the guys, even outside of their relationships with the women. I also want to go inside Jacqueline’s personal life and her home life a little more. We, intentionally, this first season kept Jacqueline pretty guarded… We wanted to keep her a mystery because we felt like that made her more powerful. But now I feel like if we were to get a Season 2, we’ve earned the right to go a little bit more behind the curtain.”

This is common practice (in some ways) for a show to get to know the main characters better in the first season, to then spend the second understanding more of how they tick and expanding their lives and their world. With a show like this, there is definitely a lot of interesting ground to explore since they’ve set so much of the show in a place where things are always changing. Within the world of publishing and media, things change in a split-second and you have to be prepared for it. It can be frustrating at times, but eventually your brain starts to get used to it – until the next big shift!

Will The Bold Type season 2 happen?

That’s going to be up to Freeform, but they have to look at more than just the season 1 ratings. They’ll also look at the DVR numbers, the social impressions, and a wide array of other things before making their decision one way or another. It’s also possible that there may be some story pitches to the networks. Different broadcasters like to have things happen in their own way.

For now, what we want to know from you is this: Do you want to see The Bold Type season 2? Share in the comments. Also, be sure to head over here to read more of our ratings discussion. (Photo: Freeform.)

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