The Fosters season 5 episode 10: Is Nick returning?

Is Nick returningThere were many questions that came out of The Fosters season 5 winter finale, but this is a big one: Is Nick returning? This is not something that was even on our radar before this episode, but the very person who could now save Anchor Beach is, unfortunately, the very person who previously went there with a gun. It’s the man who gives Mariana a reason to have nightmares, and he’s now offering her a chance (somehow) from afar to get some information.

Now, the question that comes up going into the midseason premiere next year is simple: Is Mariana going to take the bait? Will Nick return to the show, and if he does, what does that return mean? Is Mariana’s desire to save the school such that she’ll be willing to communicate with him? There’s also the debate as to whether or not he is actually telling the truth about any of this.

Speaking in a new interview with TVLine, executive producer Joanna Johnson made it clear that there’s going to be all sorts of interesting storytelling on the subject when the show comes back:

“That’s the question: Is he manipulating her? Is he just trying to find a way to get her back in his life? And what lessons has Mariana learned about when you have a stalker in life who’s baiting you? Do you take the bait or not?”

Ultimately, what Mariana should do is find another way, given that there’s no substitute for safety and having Nick in her life is not safety. He’s shown enough instability that she has to not only think about her own safety — she’s got her family to consider.

Do we think that Nick has a motive to work with her beyond just harassing her? Sure, given that he certainly doesn’t have the best feelings for his father and he is the man responsible for trying to transform Anchor Beach into a private school in the first place. A common enemy can bring people together, but this is not the sort of reunion Mariana should want.

A better reunion

Remember, in the summer finale Mat returned, and maybe Mariana can have some sort of future with him rather than diving back into some old, extremely-dangerous territory that is going to prove to not be worthwhile. Mat’s a good partner for her in that he can ground her, and they’ve both made enough mistakes that they know how to take things seriously now. Mariana still has immaturity problems, as evidenced by the whole storyline tonight of her desperately trying to get a fake boyfriend/girlfriend in order to convince Logan’s girlfriend that she’s not after her man.

Is Nick returning, and do you care?

We do want to hear some more of your thoughts in the comments!

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